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Badge holders

A3M offers a range of badge holders for corporate identification

A3M provides you with a wide range of badge holders selected for their great price to protect or easily wear your identification badge or access badge in your company. Indispensable for a quality presentation, and improved ease of use in corporate access as well as in events where the badge must be kept visible. The badge holder can be hung on a personalized lanyard neck strap or on a reel attached to the belt, or even a snap clip that holds it to a shirt pocket.

Soft badge holder: the first price case

The flexible A3M badge holder pocket protects your badges at the best price. Thanks to its attachment at the top by clip or cord, the flexible badge holder will allow you to carry your identification card around the neck without discomfort during your working day at the office. Available with a transparent upper fringe or in several colors, this low-cost badge holder will undoubtedly adapt to the colors of your company or your event. A badge holder protects the PVC card and also prevents detachment of badges plasticized by a transparent overlay. Format standard plastic card and perforation in the upper part to hang a carabiner, reel, clip or neck strap.

Rigid open badge holder

This rigid plastic badge holder case is open on the front for better visibility of your identification card. There are two versions: for a single badge, or front / back for a badge on each side. Its attachment at the top by clip or cord is available vertically or horizontally, in order to position your badge more adequately. Side insertion, it will allow you to easily extract and reinsert your badge to pass the access control zones, particularly those with magnetic reading which require an introduction in the reader .

Rotating badge holder

The rotary badge holder is an evolution of the rigid A3M badge holder. Open on the front, it includes a rotary clip on its back for hanging on the belt, on the pocket or on a work suit. The rotary clip is also fitted with a hook which allows you to attach a lanyard cord, a crocodile clip to hang on the reverse ’a pocket or even a yoyo to place it on the belt. A functional option available in several colors.

Security badge holder

For the most demanding environments, A3M offers its closed rigid badge holder. Transparent the rigid badge holder also offers maximum protection and is UV resistant. It is ideal for RFID badges, since it allows them to be read without extracting them, and increases their lifespan. The security badge holder has a slot for easily removing your badge with your thumb. Its perforation in the upper part, to choose in horizontal or vertical orientation, will allow you to fix it to pliers or cord around the neck.

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