Lanyards with metal clip and breakaway security

Lanyards for corporate identification by ID badge

The lanyard is an essential tool for corporate image and personal identification. An advertising object that allows a pleasant presentation of your company badge, for events, shows, congresses, seminars ... The lanyard is available in multiple quality materials, different colors and customization options. Wear it around the neck with a flexible or rigid badge holder, with a zip reel or a crocodile clip fastener.

Standard neck cord 8 to 12mm

A first prize among the neck lanyards: the standard lanyard 8 to 12mm wide in woven cord will keep your badge visible and close at hand in business or events. Its clip is made of metal and it offers optimal resistance with the breakaway security clip offered as an option. This standard lanyard is available in several colors of straps from permanent stock, it can also be personalized with a text or logo. A practical and robust product at an economical price.

Wide neck cord 15 to 25 mm

A top of the range neck cord. Made of polyester or nylon, width 15 to 25mm depending on the VIP presence you want, or according to the shape ratio of your logo. Several accessories can be associated with this cord: different clips or carabiners, its quick attachment makes it possible to separate the badge from the cord easily and its cell phone attachment or even a badge reel identification badge. Completely adaptable to your needs, the wide choker cord is a superb advertising and branding tool. Ideal for wearing the access badge visible and for the access through the speed gates of the entrance hall.

Personnalized lanyard custom made to order

The wide neck cord of the lanyard can be screen printed with a logo and text. The logo is usually printed in monochrome on a background of another color for interesting contrast, but we can also print it in two or three colors. The silicone base added under the logo allows the print to be flexible and therefore more durable. The personalized lanyard: ideal for events and an advertising and image tool, it is an essential marketing element to your company.

VIP polyester lanyard cord

The most pleasant touch around the neck for this VIP lanyard, ideal for prestigious events. Very fine cost, very flexible and resistant material. Possibility of color printing, total adaptability of accessories (phone clip, crocodile clip, separation clip, etc.). With metal dog clip.

Sublimation color lanyard

If your logo is complex, or if you want to print an image, we offer the dye sub lanyard: a phenomenal color rendering that gives free rein to your imagination and offers a different and impacting end product. Another advantage of the sublimation lanyard cord: it is printed on both sides so the visible image is always the same even if the cord is turned over.

Breakaway security clip for the neck strap

For security reasons, unless specifically requested, all our lanyards are delivered with a safety clip as anti-throttling system. The safety clip opens when a significant tearing force is applied to the neck. Note that once the clip is closed, the lanyard becomes usable again, with the same characteristics. A system to use without fail if the lanyards must be worn by children.

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