Badge clips

Badge holder clips

Clips and supports allowing the wearing of personal badges in companies

The A3M badge holder clip offer meets the majority of user requests: from plastic clips at unbeatable prices, for short events, to metal clips for prestige and maximum service life. An ideal badge holder solution so that your employees or visitors no longer lose their badge and it does not wear out excessively! Also think of the alternative at the slightly higher price but at the maximum prestige that is the personalized choker cord to hang your badge. The zip reel is also a practical option to use for repeated pointing on badge readers.

Crocodile badge holder clip

The crocodile clip allows you to hang the badge holder of your choice, or the badge directly if it is pierced. The standard model has a specific plastic strap, and a reinforced model (with fabric mesh) is available as an option, to prevent the strap from tearing. The clips are available either in plastic of different colors, or chrome for a VIP look.

Double badge hanger clip

This A3M clip offers you a double attachment system to choose according to your needs: crocodile and safety pin. Its chrome finish guarantees prestige and quality, and you can easily stick it thanks to its adhesive back. It is a simple and economical way to present your badge, ideal for business visitors, trade fairs, conferences, etc.

Silicone clip ideal as RFID badge holder

This black plastic silicone clip offers a prestigious presentation at an affordable price. Particularly elegant, its U shape filled with non-return silicone bites the badge and never lets go! Ideal when it is not possible to pierce the badge (RFID badges in particular), it also has a clip that allows it to be hung on any other accessory (clamp, reel, cord).

Clip with integrated card holder

Ingenious support with semi-rigid plastic cover. Two in one, card holder + clip. Protects the accreditation at the same time that it fixes it to the garment to make it visible. Fully transparent, very good presentation ideal for events, congresses, seminars, fairs. Reference SOPCO.

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