Stapler Style Hole Punch

ID card slot punch

Manual badge punch ideal for attaching the neck lanyard

The PVC event badge slot punch is your solution if you want to combine your identification badge with an accessory such as a lanyard or zip reel, but without going through a flexible or rigid badge holder. Avoid however for cards with integrated RFID technology...

PVC ID card slot punch

This manual hole punch is specifically designed for PVC cards with its industrial grade robustness. It allows you to perforate your identification badges yourself, either in series during their manufacture, or when handing them over to their wearer. The oval perforation (10x3mm) can be made vertically or horizontally, depending on the position of the badge in the tool.

Precise position of the perforation

The badge punch has a metal stop on the side held by two metal screws. The shape and size of this adjustable stop allows you to easily and precisely position your identification badge before pressing the lever. With this stapler style hole punch you can punch your badges very quickly with a clean cut, allowing you to make series of cards which can then be given to their users so they may wear their IDs immediately.

Slot punch waste receptacle

The base of the hole punch consists of a receptacle which contains a large quantity of punched PVC waste. This receptacle allows clean work even for punching large series of cards. Just slide the receptacle along the base to extract it from the hole punch and empty it easily.


Technical specifications of the badge punch

- Oval perforation 10x3mm ideal for event badges.
- Depending on the position of the card in the punch, the slot punch can be performed on the long side or on the short side of the badge, so to be worn horizontally or vertically respectively during your events.
- The badge punch has adjustable stops in order to precisely position the event badge, and to be able to perform drilling automatically on a series of cards without deviating from the planned drilling position.

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