Seminaries organization

Autonomous RFID access

Standalone access control with RFID card

You need an economical system to control the access to your business, club, gym, association, business fair? The id3m RFID badge access system is intelligent, autonomous, simple and quick to implement. It is also scalable if in the future you wish to complement it with an access control management or time attendance software. It is also a popular access system for construction sites access as a low-cost solution that can be installed immediately on a full-height turnstile.

A3Slim NFC wristband

A3Slim NFC wristband

Need NFC wristbands to identify your members and manage the entrance to your sports hall automatically? A3Slim is the new smart wristband in our 2020 range. A studied shape, compact and comfortable to wear, which offers exceptional possibilities for personalizing the NFC bracelet: relief engraving, filling with colored inks, silver, gold or transparent inks.

Large format badge holder

Large format badge holder

The flexible badge holder is appreciated for its pleasant presentation, its lightness and its low price. We now offer a flexible badge holder 106 x 150mm which allows you to wear your large format badge on your events, congresses, seminars. Ideally combined with a lanyard cord, but it can also be combined with a reel badge holder, a clip or a strap clip.

Badge holders

Card holders

A3M provides you with a wide range of badge holders selected for their great price to protect or easily wear your identification badge or access badge in your company. Indispensable for a quality presentation, and improved ease of use in corporate access as well as in events where the badge must be kept visible. The badge holder can be hung on a personalized lanyard neck strap or on a reel attached to the belt, or even a snap clip that holds it to a shirt pocket.

Mobile platform turnstile

TTS1PLAT platform turnstile

TTS1PLAT is a TTS1 turnstile installed on a platform with removable ramps, equipped with a handrail to channel the passage. A tripod turnstile ideal for temporary access control that installs in an instant, without the need for ground anchoring, without civil engineering. For temporary operations such as access control in events, congresses, exhibitions, construction sites. Can be equipped with RFID readers for events RFID wristbands or events ID cards.

VIP-Band personalized wristband

VIP Band wristbands

VIP Band is a self-positioning and reflective event wristband ideal for parties with friends, in clubs or discos. It is also a marketing tool indicated in marketing operations such as congresses, seminars or sporting events. Self-winding, it adds a fun side to its role of visual identification. An ideal neon reusable event wristband in which you can choose the color and which can be personalized by marking a logo in your color as well as an advertising message.

Magicard XXL Card Printer for large cards

XXL Card Printer

Thanks to its two badge formats: 124.8 x 87.8 mm and 140 x 87.8 mm, the large format card printer from Magicard is ideal for printing your plastic cards for events (trade fairs, congresses, concerts, etc.). The Magicard XXL was created with customization of large preprinted identification badges in mind, and allows you to personalize your badge on a printable surface of 86 x 54 mm (standard size credit card). Magicard XXL is now obsolete and has been replaced by the large format card printer Nisca Swiftcolor SCC4000D.

Evolis Pebble printer

Evolis Pebble 4

Evolis Pebble is the printer that revolutionized the PVC card printer market. Replaced by the Primacy Simplex printer, it was at the origin of the success of the manufacturer Evolis and today still many of our customers use a Pebble printer to print their PVC cards and we continue to sell the whole range of ribbons for Evolis Pebble. We also have used Pebble printers and spare parts. Evolis Pebble is the ideal printer for printing and encoding identification cards by its ease, reliability and printing quality.


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