Seminaries organization

Transparent semi-rigid card holders, very good aspect, with clip and safety pin, for promotional events.

Card holders

On this page you will find pictures of the most common models. Please contact us for information on other card holder models. We have a wide range of products with a great price/value ratio.

Mobile platform turnstile

TTS1PLAT platform turnstile

TTS1PLAT is a TTS1 turnstile installed on a platform with removable ramps, equipped with a handrail to channel the passage. A tripod turnstile ideal for temporary access control that installs in an instant, without the need for ground anchoring, without civil engineering. For temporary operations such as access control in events, congresses, exhibitions, construction sites. Can be equipped with RFID readers for events RFID wristbands or events ID cards.

Ejemplos de pulseras VIP-Band personalizadas

VIP Band wristbands

A3M offers security and promotional reflective wristbands to cover 3 market areas: marketing operations, personal identification, and pubs or nightclubs.

Evolis Pebble 4

Pebble4 is the ideal solution for any type of application that requires single-sided printing of badges: employee badges, student IDs, access control badges, transport passes, loyalty cards, payment cards and many more.


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A3M is a European reference in people identification and access control applications by RFID technology and biometrics.