A3Slim NFC wristband

A3Slim NFC wristband

A3Slim is a modern design silicone wristband aimed at personal identification with NFC chip

Need NFC wristbands to identify your members and manage the entrance to your sports hall automatically? A3Slim is the new smart wristband in our 2020 range. A studied shape, compact and comfortable to wear, which offers exceptional possibilities for personalizing the NFC bracelet: relief engraving, filling with colored inks, silver, gold or transparent inks.

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A3Slim is a silicone NFC wristband

The silicone is more and more appreciated for the sports hall wristbands, water parks, swimming pools. It is also an ideal event wristband. The silicone wristband is completely waterproof, it does not get wet, the feeling on the skin is light and pleasant.

A3Slim is an NFC wristband, it contains a chip allowing radio frequency identification. NFC 13.56Mhz communication allows the wristband to be read as if it were an RFID badge: approaching the NFC reader triggers the reading of the NFC chip.

It is therefore an ideal sports wristband to manage access if you have a tripod turnstile, a motorized gate, a gantry, or speed gate. Or even if the entrance to your sport hall or your pool is controlled by an electromagnetic strike door or full height turnstile. It is compatible with the majority of sports club management systems and software currently on the market that operate in RFID technology.

NFC wristband engraved in relief
NFC wristband engraved in relief
The A3Slim NFC silicone wristband offers the possibility of being engraved for a personalized bracelet with the most beautiful effect

A silicone wristband engraved in relief

A3Slim differs from other NFC wristbands and various silicone wristbands by its compact and lightweight format. And especially by the fact that it can be supplied laser engraved in relief to your logo or your company name. The engraving of the silicone prevents the erasure of the logo which occurs on other lower quality NFC wristbands. It is both discreet and harmonious.

Another advantage of this new swimming pool wristband is that we can fill the relief created by laser engraving, with a special ink of the color of your choice. Your logo will be even more visible on your personalized identification wristbands. Choose the color of the sport wristband and also choose the personalization color. You can combine according to your corporate colors.
Personalize your wristbands according to the members categories of your club or the subscription of your customers: we offer you metallic colors as well such as gold and silver for NFC VIP wristbands!

NFC chip silicone bracelet
NFC chip silicone bracelet
The NFC chip on the A3Slim wristband allows it to be read by the RFID badge reader

Fun NFC or RFID chip wristband

Are you looking for a fun, different, colorful wristband? We produce your A3Slim wristband in colored silicone, dyed in the mass. Depending on the color mix achieved, if it is not homogeneous, your NFC chip sport wristband will offer a unique, young and pleasant appearance.
Note that in this case, each wristband will be different, the mixture of silicone shades being random. Ask us for a free quote for the NFC wristbands at your sports center.

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