TTS1PLAT platform turnstile

Mobile platform turnstile

The turnstile for events: put it up, connect it and manage your access

TTS1PLAT is a TTS1 turnstile installed on a platform with removable ramps, equipped with a handrail to channel the passage. A tripod turnstile ideal for temporary access control that installs in an instant, without the need for ground anchoring, without civil engineering. For temporary operations such as access control in events, congresses, exhibitions, construction sites. Can be equipped with RFID readers for events RFID wristbands or events ID cards.

A tripod turnstile designed for easy transportation and implementation

Designed so that it can be completely disassembled, which facilitates its transportation, the mobile TTS1PLAT turnstile is quickly assembled. Its support platform makes it possible to move the assembly with a standard pallet truck, so as to place it in its final position where the access control shall be located.

Removable inclined turnstile access ramps

For added convenience, both in installation and for user passage, the TTS1PLAT turnstile assembly comes with a lateral handrail and two removable inclined ramps that can be positioned immediately and without tools. The passage is then realized without embarrassing stair steps, and the overall appearance offers a quality of presentation of high level.

Access control turnstile rental

If you need control tripod turnstiles for a very short time and do not want to buy them, we offer the TTS1PLAT turnstile as a rental service. Turnstiles are rented weekly. Contact an A3M advisor for more information if you need to hire a turnstile.

Wiring of the access control turnstile

To wire a TTS1PLAT turnstile is very simple: let the power and data cables run inside the bottom of the platform, then pass them through the hole between the turnstile and the base. The large, lockable covers allow easy access to all elements of the TTS1 turnstile, for authorized persons.

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