TTSPMVIP Motorized rotating gate

VIP reduced mobility persons gate

TTSPMVIP: high standing motorized access gate by A3M for your entrance hall

Why not install a luxury gate in your lobby? The A3M VIP gate offers you high-end access services: features a progressive and silent movement, transparent or personalized plexiglass window, choice of opening time, LED indication of passage. Make an irreproachable first impression to your staff and visitors!

High quality motorized rotating gate

The TTSPMVIP is a high-class gate with a round semi-matt stainless steel body and a clear polycarbonate leaf. A choice of high quality materials that undoubtedly positions this gate on a high range. The motorized gate brings maximum prestige to your entrance hall where it is often chosen in addition to the fast passage corridors.

Bidirectional motorized opening controls both entry and exit

The TTSPMVIP model has a bidirectional motor for the opening and closing of the gate, both entry and exit. The movement of the rotating assembly is soft and agreeably accompanies the passage. A single VIP gate will allow you to control both the entrance and exit to your facilities.

Reduced mobility persons access control

The motorized gate is ideal as an addition to the main access control since it allows access for persons with reduced mobility thanks to its large 90cm passage. It is compliant with international regulations for disabled people’s access. It is also very practical in cases where access through a turnstile is difficult, especially for families with children in strollers, for people who access with their bike, for travelers with luggage, etc.

A great robustness gate

The challenge for a motorized gate is to offer both optimum appearance and total robustness. This is why the TTSPMVIP consists of a structure with a compact diameter, extremely rigid which houses a high power direct drive motor (no belt ...) and which supports the weight of the 10mm thick plexyglass wing.

Smooth integration of the passage indication LED

The upper part of the VIP gate body has a row of LEDs that enhances the visual presence of the TTSPMVIP. The user-friendliness of the passage is increased since this row of LEDs is lit in red when no passage is authorized, and turns green when an opening is triggered.

The rotating gate is available with a tailor-made wing

On request and depending on the available space or the desired passage width, A3M offers a customization of the size and shape of the plexyglass wing. The TTSPMVIP gate will be perfectly adapted to the space available in your access control installation. The wing can also be supplied with your logo, check with our advisors for more information about the personnalization of the motorized gate.


TTSPMVIP motor-driven gate specifications

Movement Bidirectional motorized at +/- 90º
Length of the rotary wing 83cm allowing to enable a 90cm reduced mobility persons passage
Wing material Plexiglass, safety glass on request
Gate body material Inox 304
Environment Intended for indoor access control facilities
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