Stainless steel handrail

Handrail barrier

Standard or tailor-made stainless steel handrail: channel your access with style

The A3M handrail is available in standard dimensions but can also be custom made. It is installed as a complement to the entry tripod turnstile or passageway corridor and enclose the space that remains free to prevent the unauthorized passage. High standing design with polished stainless steel finish.

High standing design handrail

With a polished finish and stainless steel tube construction to resist corrosion, the A3M handrail is suitable for all types of access control, both indoors and outdoors. Its rounded corners ensure a perfect presentation, and avoid injuries in case of shock. 5+5mm safety glass on the upper part of the handrail.

Your custom-made handrails

The A3M barriers are available in the most standard sizes (50cm, 1m, 1.5m), but we also manufacture your tailor made stainless steel handrail barrier according to your needs. A3M achieves all dimensions, both in height and length, including the most complex with angles or returns. The access control installation is therefore complete and perfectly adapted to your business premises.

Barrier to combine with turnstile and access gate

The handrail barrier is also ideal combined with other pedestrian access control devices such as the tripod turnstile or the motorized gate to fence the spaces, channel the flow of passage and perfect facilities.

Ground anchor and handrail fixing

The A3M handrail has a support area reinforced by a 2mm thick double steel sheet which ensures a great stiffness of the ground fixing. Elegant, polished hubcaps give it an improved visual appearance for a more discreet fixing system.


A3M handrail barrier specifications

Fabrication 304 stainless steel tube diameter 40mm
Finish Polished, rounded corners
Ground anchor Platinum sandwich lined for maximum rigidity and hubcap
Intermediate glass Safety glass 5+5mm
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