TTSP1 Swing gate

Manual access gate

One-way flow swing gate with manual opening for flow management

TTSP1 is an access control manual swing gate. Mono-directional, it manages the direction of entry and exit. Its opening is manual, just push the door to access, closing is automatic and damped. Easy to install, it is your ally in the gym, business, supermarkets, museums, libraries for an economical selling price. A convenient entry and exit access control device that complements your turnstiles and speed gates.

Bright polished finish and nameplate

This swing door offers an irreproachable presentation quality for your access control: it is made of nickel-plated steel and has a polished shiny finish that allows it to be very strong and durable. The TTSP1 is suitable for indoor installation, shopping center, sports club, leisure center, business, museum, library etc...

Gate for reduced mobility persons access

The TTSP1 gate has a 100cm swing gate that makes it easy to create a standard 90cm access for people with reduced mobility. Customized signage can also be affixed to the vertical panel of the ventail: logo PMR, arrows of passage, prohibited direction, etc...

Lock option for locking the mobility reduces persons gate

The manual door is available in a version with a lock that allows the axis locking of rotation on demand. You can have a reduced mobility persons access generally closed and can occasionally open it with the key. The lock is integrated in the foot of the gate, discreet and resistant.

Gate with piloted freeing

If the gate must be controlled by your access control system, prefer the version with magnetic lock. It consists of an extra post that supports an electromagnetic suction cup. Now with the closed gate, a pulse received from the access control system will trigger its release and then block as soon as the gate closes. Compatible with CardPass3 software and most of the market access control devices, as well as push button or remote control.


TTSP1 Access gate technical specifications

Passage width Planned for a PMR 90cm passage or more
Opening mode By manual push
Closing Spring
Rotation One-way 90º
Gate version Non-locking standard version, PMR keyed version, electromagnetic vacuum version for push release or remote control, may be subject to access control
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