TTS3MT4 Rotating gate

Access rotating gate

TTS3MT4 is a 4-arm mechanical rotating gate for channeling flows

The TTS3MT4 swing gate directs pedestrian access to your premises. Equipped with a non-return ratchet, it is ideal for allowing free exit by prohibiting unauthorized entry. A well-kept design with a shiny chrome steel finish that contributes to the impeccable look of your entrance hall.

Access gate design

The TTS3MT4 rotating gate design has been particularly well-kept to give your lobby a modern and pleasant appearance. Its glossy chrome steel finish makes it easy to maintain and provides long-lasting durability.

One-way gate for free exit

TTS3MT4 rotates freely but in one only direction. It is therefore ideal for channeling your flow. Frequently used as a free exit device, its non-return ratchet prevents unauthorized entry; the entry control function to your premises is usually managed by a tripod turnstile like our TTS1.

Uniqueness of the passage

The TTS3MT4 rotating gate has a 4-arm rotor. This arrangement facilitates the passage through the rotating gate effectively separating people. The uniqueness of the passage allows better supervision of entries / exits by the access gate, both visual and through a CCTV system.

Rotating gate markets

The sites where the entrance must be guided and filtered, but without having real access control, benefit from a rotating gate that channels the entrance: this is the case of stores and mini-markets. Sports clubs, fitness clubs and recreation centers generally have entrance access control via tripod turnstile with badge and use the rotating turnstile as a channeling device for the free exit.

Suitable for reduced mobility persons access

One of the interesting features of the TTS3MT4 gate is that its rotor can be moved manually to leave a large free space of (more than 120cm). The rotating gate is ideal in the gym for people with reduced mobility (PMR) or to provide a large obstacle-free passage for moving large machines.


TTS3MT4 rotating gate specifications

Rotation Unidirectional with one way antireturn ratchet
Arm 4 arms for optimized passage filtration
Material Nickel-plated steel with glossy finish
Width of passage >60cm, adaptable according to lateral support position
Reduced mobility persons passage width With displaced rotor, greater than 120cm, allows reduced mobility persons passage and access for bicycles, strollers, machines, pallets
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