TTS2GT turnstile

Tripod turnstile TTS2GT

TTS2GT is the high standing turnstile in the range of A3M tripods

Modern and different, A3M is unveiling its new tripod for managing access to work, sport or leisure centers. A tripod with functions specific to turnstile access control, which can be equipped with a passage management system by badge, barcode or biometrics. TTS2GT is also a design that stands out among the tripod turnstiles: upper cover in black plexiglass, discreet blue LED thread, rounded feet with pictograms integrated by laser cutting. A future best-seller.

Selection criteria for the purchase of a TTS2GT tripod

Your first criteria for choosing a tripod turnstile is design. You are looking for a turnstile with a modern look, which adds more luxury and prestige to your entryway. The TTS2GT is for you. See for yourself. The photos give you an idea but the presence of this tripod, in situ, is even more impressive. Your access control system will no longer be off-putting but pleasant and user-friendly.

TTS2GT turnstile target environments

All the entrance halls where an effort has been made to welcome visitors in a pleasant setting are potentially interested in purchasing this tripod turnstile. We will cite among others:
- Entrance to a sports hall controlled by RFID badge or RFID wristband. The turnstile is then controlled by the management system of the sports hall which manages the entry of members.
- Company entry / exit, for pointing employees, suppliers and visitors. An access management system that can be integrated as much by badge as by biometry.
- Control of entrances to historic monuments, museums. The tripod is then generally coupled to a ticketing system by barcode ticket.

Is the TTS2GT turnstile reliable and resistant?

The look is one thing, but what about the reliability of this turnstile? Finally, reliability remains the first purchase criterion ... No need to worry about this: the TTS2GT takes over all the mechanical and electronic parts of the TTS1 and TTS2 tripods. A rotary electromechanical system widely tested since 2014 in these access systems which are the most sold not only in France, Spain, but also in other European and African countries. The robustness of the TTS2GT is thus fully guaranteed.

Integration of the turnstile access system

The TTS2GT tripod turnstile can be controlled by all the usual technologies specific to access control solutions.
- Pointing by badge and RFID reader. In this case we recommend installing the badge readers inside the turnstile. Universal supports allow their integration under the upper plexiglass cover.
- Pointing by fingerprint reader. The biometric reader can be mounted on the tripod cover.
- Entry by barcode reader. Reading of the badge or the ticket with barcode by a reader embedded flush with the hood. This solution also allows the reading of a QRCode displayed on the screen of a smartphone.


TTS2GT tripod turnstile technical specifications

Power supply 24 ±3 V
Electric power 30 W
Rate of return 15 to 2o persons/min
Arm length 520mm. 470 or 420 mm on demand
Height 976 mm
Length 1010 mm
Frame width 250 mm
Frame Stainless steel AISI 304
Net weight 32 kg
Operating temperature -20 to +70 °C
Rotation Bidirectional
LED Green arrow allowed, red arrow prohibited
Anti-panic function Automatic by free rotation of the tripod
Drop arm module Optionally, falls off power supply or external control (push button, Fire Safety System...)
Manufacturer warranty One year
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