Pedestal pole for badge readers

Reader post for automatic barrier

A pedestal pole for badge readers and intercoms at a barrier access control point

The pedestal mount is an essential element for the rising barrier access control system. It allows the upstream positioning of the ID badge readers that control the opening of the automatic barrier at a height allowing drivers to present their badge easily, whether they are in a car or driving a truck. The A3M post is appreciated as much for access control in companies as for building site access.

Rising barrier for building site access

As part of the complete solutions proposed by A3M for construction site access, the motorized rising barrier is a key element since it controls the vehicle access to the construction site. Identification badge readers must be arranged so that users can badge without leaving their vehicle; this is the role of the badge reader support pole.

Double height pedestal post

The A3M post is intended for the installation of two RFID badge readers. One at mid-height corresponds to light vehicles (cars, vans) and the other one at the top is in front of the window of trucks and buses. A single post therefore offers easy swipe in for all vehicle drivers who access the site.

Manufacturing of the readers post

Thanks to their front face in composite material, the posts or totems allow an implementation without reducing the reading distance of proximity card readers, unlike competing models that are metallic and interfere with RFID waves. The lateral aluminum profiles contribute to the rigidity of the whole pedestal and to the modern design of the posts. A3M pedestal mounts can also support intercoms, videophones, biometric readers etc...

Quality and durability of the barrier pedestal post

The A3M access reader post, because of its constituent materials and thanks to a particularly careful aesthetic, is appreciated for definitive access control systems in companies, in public administrations or car park access. For perfect integration into its environment, the post is available in several RAL colors to choose from.

Automatic barrier control system

The motorized rising arm barrier can also be operated by the guard or traffic man. For this purpose, A3M provides a control panel with push-buttons for the barrier opening and closing that is also equipped with a safety locking out emergency stop button which when it is pressed in, instantly stops any movement of the barrier arm. You must turn it and pull to unlock it and place the barrier in normal operating mode.


Access control pedestal post specifications

- Useful width : 247mm.
- Interior depth available : 89 mm.
- Removable upper closing plate.
- Total height available : 1500 / 1700 / 2200 / 2500 mm.
- RAL colors available: as standard Aluminum gray RAL 9006, on special order, fence Green RAL 6005, charcoal Grey RAL 7016, White RAL 9010.

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