TTSBPT6 vehicle automatic barrier

TTSBPT6 vehicle rising barrier

Car park barrier for wide vehicule access control on construction site and factory

TTSBPT6 is the A3M motorized rising arm barrier for large vehicle access. Designed for controlled access with passage widths between 4,5 and 6m, it is naturally indicated for the passage of buses and trucks. Its main markets are therefore truck access to construction sites and industrial sites as well as vehicle entry to bus depots.

Automatic barrier gate for 6m access

The TTSBPT6 barrier was developed to control vehicle access over large widths: its 5,85m barrier arm allows efficient closure of a passage 6 meters wide.

Reinforced motorization of the access control barrier

The reinforced barrier motor is able to endure the constraints imposed by such a long beam creating a very significant overhang. The rising arm barrier remains fast since complete verticality is reached in less than 7 seconds. TTSBPT6 is recommended for heavy vehicle access on sites requiring up to approximately 1000 passages/day.

Rigidity and anchoring of the barrier to the ground

The chassis of the TTSBPT6 rising barrier is the same as the one of the TTSBPT4 barrier. Extremely robust and rigid, it does not allow any bending. An inverted U-shaped steel insert is provided; it must be sealed in the concrete slab supporting the barrier. Indeed, the forces generated are such that a conventional fixing directly bolted to the ground would be quickly torn off.

Learning up to down of the barrier arm

The intelligence of the rising barrier’s electronic board allows it to learn the upper and lower stops of the mechanism. After ten openings, the engine will be driven at full speed at the start and mid-race in order to clear the passage and close it as quickly as possible. But when approaching the stops its movement is slowed down, offering a pleasant stop and avoiding internal shocks and internal constraints, for the benefit of reliability.

Automatic barrier operating modes

A series of microswitches and potentiometers makes possible to adapt the timers, the barrier opening/closing modes or the control of external accessories according to site needs. An example: in standard mode, when the control system (badge reader, remote control, push button) sends the impulse to open the arm, it closes automatically after 5s. But it is possible to activate a manual mode according to which the beam remains open until a new impulse which orders it to close.

Integration of the barrier in the access control system

The TTSBPT6 automatic barrier can be controlled by any usual access control system since it only needs a dry contact activated by a relay to trigger its opening. All access management systems on the market will therefore be able to control it as if it were an electromagnetic strike or a turnstile. Our CardPass3 access control solution, including our badge readers or biometric readers, obviously integrates the management of our different rising barrier models.

Barrier security by photocell

The body of the barrier includes a photoelectric emitting cell. A platform containing a receiving photocell is to be fixed to the ground on the other side of the vehicle passage. When the beam is cut while the barrier arm is in the descent phase, its movement is stopped, or even according to the configured mode, an automatic ascent is ordered by the motherboard. This security is intended to prevent contact with a vehicle. The boom is in all cases provided with a protective rubber in the lower part which would protect the vehicle in the event of an impact.

Security warning flash lamp of the barrier

The car park barrier can pilot a yellow flash lamp intended to warn drivers or pedestrians of the danger. Available as an optional accessory, the lamp starts flashing as soon as the arm begins to move and remains flashing until it comes to a complete stop.

Barrier arm lighting

Another option that is as pleasant as it is safe: LED lighting along the entire length of the arm. In the event of difficult climatic conditions or simply during the night, if the installation area doesn’t have abundant lighting, the light beam will be visible from a distance and will avoid stamping with significant damage to both the rising arm barrier and to the vehicle itself.

Barrier remote control

It can be convenient, particularly in the context of a building site access, for the guard to have a remote control allowing him to open the barrier wherever he is. The remote control has by default an automatic mode button (closing after 5 seconds) and a manual mode button (a second press is necessary to close the arm). The default range is around 25 meters, but with the flash lamp option which incorporates a specific antenna, the range is extended to around 200 meters. Each barrier can register up to 1000 remote controls.

Barrier control and emergency panel

An often overlooked but highly recommendable accessory: the push button control console. Indeed, a remote control is very convenient, but its lifespan is random in the context of a construction site... Our control panel will be welcome to open the barrier to a subcontractor or simply a driver who has forgotten his badge! It has a green push button to open the barrier and a red one to close it. It also features a safety mushroom switch which stops the movement of the arm as soon as it is pressed.

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