TTSBPT4 automatic car park barrier

Automatic car park barrier

Automatic rising arm barrier for vehicle access control and parking entrance

The A3M TTSBPT4 parking barrier has been developed for intensive use and offers high-level robustness. A quality rising arm barrier, elegant, with a simple and oversized mechanism to control the entrance of vehicles for many years without worry. TTSBPT4 is designed to control vehicle access from 2.5m to 4m of passage width. It is the ideal automatic barrier gate for the entrance to public and corporate parkings or the parking lots of sports clubs and recreation centers.

Car park access control barrier

The TTSBPT4 parking barrier controls car park access both at the entrance and at the exit. Its aluminum beam with a single pull-tab is suitable for accessing or paying an outdoor parking space. A high quality, particularly robust automatic barrier, designed to operate at temperatures ranging from -20 to +60ºC.

Lifting barrier gate for access to construction sites

The A3M motorized barrier is ideal for construction site access control. An automatic barrier that complements our global access solutions with full height turnstiles, RFID and biometric badge readers as well as the dedicated CardPass3 and CardPass3 Bio software. It controls access for light-duty vehicles as well as trucks in its TTSBPT6 wide passage version.

TTSBPT4 motorized rising arm barrier safety

The TTSBPT4 lifting barrier has a photoelectric safety cell which prevents the arm from descending and making contact with a vehicle which would have remained stationary. In case of contact, the rubber protection of the lower edge of the barrier arm would minimize the impact and the damage.

Custom-made vehicle access barrier arm

Several versions of the vehicle barrier are kept in stock. The barrier with a 4-meter arm is recommended for car access; it can also be cut to adjust it to the necessary length, to any measure between 2.5 and 4 meters depending on the space available and the type of vehicle.

Badge reader post at light-duty vehicles height

The opening of the barrier can also be controlled by badge readers placed on a post. The A3M post, made of high-strength stainless steel, allowing the integration of readers at a height of 1.10 m, is ideal for light-duty vehicles.

Adjustment of the barrier arm

In order to guarantee a perfect adjustment of the arm horizontality, the barrier mechanism offers two adjustable end stops by nut / lock nut. Very easy to adjust, they allow to ensure that the beam is perfectly horizontal even in the case of uneven floors. The TTSBPT4 automatic barrier does not require a support fork at the end of the arm, its mechanism being sufficiently rigid and robust. A fork is nevertheless available for purchase as an option.

Barrier controlled by remote control and barrier lighting

As an option, a remote control system facilitates the operation of the barrier. A flashing orange signal lamp, also optional, visually signals the movement of the rising arm. A LED lighting system can, on order, be integrated into the arm, which gives it a pleasant design while ensuring its visibility at night.

Vehicle access security opening in case of emergency

In the event of a power failure or anomaly, the integrated emergency release system allows manual opening of the lifting barrier. It can therefore be placed in a vertical position and allow the entry or exit of vehicles within the parking access control.

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