Stainless steel post for access control

Stainless steel pole for cars and trucks

Stainless steel access control post for cars and trucks for intercom and access readers

An A3M pedestal intended for access control system integrators who install security and access management solutions through CCTV, intercom, videophone, RFID badge reading and biometric identification. The stainless steel totem has the specifications allowing a simplified installation of all these elements in a post at a competitive price, robust and elegant. Ideal as a pedestal for intercom at the car park entrance, totem badge reader for opening the barrier or sliding gate, post for CCTV camera.

Front of the stainless steel post
Front of the stainless steel post
The stainless steel construction of the post offers an impeccable appearance which is maintained over time

Totem in corrosion resistant stainless steel

The totem is made of stainless steel 304 AISI grade in a sheet of thickness 15/10th of mm which ensures a high durability in outdoor installation conditions. No rust, great rigidity, the A3M totem offers a neat appearance. This post will adapt as well to temporary work-type environments as to permanent access control installations in the services sector such as access control or intercom installation at a company car entrance.

Totem access hatch
Totem access hatch
Key access hatch facilitates installation of electrical and electronic systems in the post

A totem prepared for the integration of peripherals

Installers of video surveillance, CCTV, intercom or access control systems are often faced with the difficulty of fitting their products into support posts. A3M responds with a pedestal pole which benefits from its years of experience, designed to facilitate installation and commissioning. The post has a lockable access window behind the fixing position of the videophone or RFID badge reader. This hinged hatch provides significant access while remaining open at 90º. A DIN rail allows the placement of a differential, switch, socket (these accessories are not supplied with the totem). Two 5mm diameter bolts positioned on the access hatch allow reliable fixing of boxes and electronics.

Double height access post
Double height access post
The stainless steel totem is available both in totem for cars version and in car+ truck pedestal version

Double height access control post with cars and trucks version

The A3M totem is available in two versions:
 1300mm height pole with an access hatch in the upper part. The height of the totem pole is ideal for light vehicles, cars, vans.
 2200mm height pole with an access hatch in the central part (cars height) and a second access hatch in the upper part (trucks height). Ideal as a reader support post for heavy vehicles, trucks. Or for both cars and trucks post.

Pedestal for access to the barrier
Pedestal for access to the barrier
The stainless steel totem is ideal for controlling vehicle access to the construction site access barrier

Uses of the stainless steel pole

There are many uses for which the A3M totem is ideal.
 In a company at the entrance of the employee parking lot or the visitor parking lot, it allows you to place a videophone and a badge reader. It thus controls the opening of the parking barrier or the sliding gate. You generally have to place one reader pedestal at the entrance and one reader pedestal at the exit.
 On access to construction sites. A double height stainless steel post is ideal since it allows drivers of light and heavy vehicles to open the lifting barrier by badge with their access card.

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