TTS11 double passage turnstile

TTS11 double turnstile

TTS11 turnstile: the dual flow access control saves space and budget

The TTS11 is a turnstile with two tripod modules for double passage access control systems. Ideal to separate the entrance from the exit, for a minimum space and price. This tripod turnstile double pass is an effective response to this recurring problem, especially at sports centers, fitness etc... to simplify and streamline your access control installation.

Configurable double autonomous tripod turnstile

The TTS11 tripod turnstile is equipped with a central stand containing the mechanics and electronics of the two TTS1 single tripods. In spite of this unique implantation, the two tripods manage the passage in an entirely differentiated and autonomous way. It is thus possible to enable the passage of controlled entry on both sides, controlled exit on both sides, entry and exit controlled on both sides, free entry and exit... Everything about this tripod turnstile is entirely configurable according to your needs.

Tripod turnstile emergency mode

A panic mode can be activated by dry contact on the motherboard, from an external element to choose: push button, remote control (available as an option). For safety reasons, in the event of a power failure, the panic mode is triggered automatically: the tripod modules then become completely free to rotate in order to allow rapid evacuation.

Optional drop arms

Some environments impose a panic mode with complete release of the passage without any obstacle (public crowd, absence of other emergency exit ...). The TTS11 turnstile has optional drop arm tripod modules: when a power failure occurs, the tripod’s upper arm falls off and releases the passage.

Turnstile top cover for badge readers

As an option, when RFID badge readers are to be used, we recommend the use of the optional tripod turnstile hood which has four smoked polycarbonate windows with universal RFID readers’ brackets. The installation is facilitated, the final appearance is of the best level.


TTS11 Double tripod turnstile specifications

Tripod capacity 15 to 25 persons/min
Arm length 520mm. 470 or 420 mm on demand
Turnstile height 1001 mm
Turnstile length 420 mm
Frame width 456 mm
Frame Stainless steel AISI 304
Net weight 45 kg
Tripod turnstile operating temperature -20 to +70 °C
Rotation Bidirectional for each passage
LED Green arrow passage allowed, red cross forbidden crossing
Anti-panic function Automatic by free rotation of the tripod
Falling arm module Optional, falls on power outage or outside command (button, SSI...)
Power supply 24 ±3 V
Electric power 30 W
Manufacturer warranty One year with return to workshop
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