TTS1HEAD tripod turnstile head

Tripod turnstile mobile access

Tripod compact access control turnstile for embedded applications

The TTS1HEAD tripod turnstile is compact and easy to integrate into environments where space is limited. It consists of the head of the tripod turnstile, without ground anchor, for direct attachment to a wall or a dedicated support such as a barrier or handrail. Its attachment points in the rear part allow to fix it in the most suitable position for an easy and fast pedestrian crossing.

Robust tripod turnstile

TTS1HEAD main body and tripod turnstile arms are made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 1.5mm. The arm support is made of aluminum turned in the mass, which makes this turnstile a particularly robust solution and suitable for outdoor installations. Its mechanism is powerful and resists the highest flows.

Bidirectional compact tripod turnstile

The TTS1HEAD is a bi-directional turnstile, so it easily manages both inputs and outputs in a single device. It can also be configured according to your need for access control, for example controlled entry and free exit etc ...

Series change indication pictograms on the access turnstile

Pass indication pictograms are standard on the TTS1HEAD access turnstile. A pictogram for the entry and one for the exit (green arrow or red cross if the passage to the turnstile is allowed or not).

Access turnstile with optional RFID readers

The optional TTS1HEAD hood with two plexiglass windows for RFID readers (universal brackets) in cases where access control technology must also be installed on the tripod turnstile: 125 Khz badge readers, high readers frequency 13.56Mhz, biometrics, also provided by A3M if the customer requests it.

Optional drop arm system for tripod turnstile

The tripod has a panic mode and safety in case of power failure, by free rotation of the arms. As an option, the drop arm tripod mechanism allows the horizontal arm to retract and completely free the pedestrian passage without any obstacle. This security function can also be activated by an external system such as a push button, a remote control or a Fire Safety System.

Compact turnstile for buses or sports centers

One of the target markets of the TTS1HEAD tripod is the control of passage by bus and coach. Coupled with ticket validation systems, it ensures controlled access in this delicate and particularly small environment. The TTS1HEAD is also ideal for fitness clubs, gyms and sports centers of all types, where its compactness is an asset since it solves the problems of available width, and aesthetically adapts to the reception of the sports center.


Technical characteristics of the TTS1HEAD turnstile

Rate of return 15 to 25 people / min
Length of the tripod arms 520mm. 470 or 420 mm on request
Body height 202 mm
Length 456 mm
Frame width 295 mm
Chassis Stainless steel AISI 304
Net weight 18 kg
Operating temperature -20 to +70 ° C
Rotation Bi
LED Green arrow allowed, red cross prohibited
Anti-panic function Automatic by free rotation of the tripod
Falling arm module Optionally, falls on power failure or external control (push button, SSI ...)
Power supply 24 ± 3 V
Power 30 W
Tripod Turnstile Warranty One Year
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