TTS2 Bridge turnstile

Bridge tripod turnstile

TTS2 is the most simple and economical access control turnstile

The TTS2 bridge turnstile is compact and easy to install. Its tripod arms module is extremely robust, it manages and controls the entry and exit to your premises, your sports club, swimming pool, camping, library etc... A very successful turnstile at a really low price that is affordable for any organization.

Simple and robust bridge tripod turnstile

Our number one criterion in the TTS2 development: the total robustness and reliability of the turnstile. Its mechanism is simplified with a minimum of moving parts. The turnstile is made of stainless steel 304 grade, its aluminum arm attachment warhead is turned in the mass... All this is not at the expense of its design, since the TTS2 offers a modern and sleek styling ideal for your lobby.

Bidirectional acces control turnstile

The TTS2 turnstile incorporates the proven mechanism of the TTS1 tripod turnstile, so it is bidirectional and allows you to control both your entry and exit with just one turnstile. Space saving, flexibility, and especially a price reduced by half. As standard on the TTS2 turnstile, an elegant pictogram on each side will indicate the entries and exits to users: green arrow LED to indicate an allowed passage, red cross for a denied passage.

Emergency function integrated in the turnstile

In the event of a power failure or activation of the emergency mode, an anti-panic function is activated. The tripod then turns freely, allowing entry and exit until the situation is restored. Optionally, a drop arm module allows the horizontal arm to retract, thus completely freeing the passage.

Internal electronic control board

The turnstile control board has the necessary inputs and outputs for badge readers, buzzer, emergency mode. It also allows a simple configuration of the passage through the turnstile without tools or computer: entry or exit can be configured as free, blocked or controlled by the access control system.

Polished stainless steel turnstile arms

The tripod arms are made of polished stainless steel tubing to further prevent the corrosion that may be caused by the salty moisture of hand sweat. The absence of porosity also facilitates their cleaning and overall hygiene. The length of the standard arms is 52cm, optional arms can be manufactured in 47cm or 42cm if you have little available space. We recommend, however, to take care of the minimum passage width that is mandatory according to the regulations depending on the activity developed in the premises.

Access Control Turnstile for badge readers

The TTS2 bridge turnstile is designed to be integrated into your global access control system. Its electronic control board is compatible with all access systems on the market. The access management control board that manages the entries and exits can be connected to the dry contact PIN of the TTS2 turnstile to control its rotation. If your access control system is based on badge readers that must be integrated on the turnstile, choose the TTS2A3 access tripod version. Its lockable top cover has reader supports and plexiglass windows which facilitate their integration in the turnstile.


TTS2 turnstile technical characteristics

Power supply 24 ±3 V
Electric power 30 W
Flow Rate 15 to 25 passages/min
Arm length 520mm standard length. 470 or 420 mm on demand
Height 950 mm
Length 850 mm
Width of the frame 250 mm
Frame Stainless steel AISI 304
Net weight 42 kg
Operating temperature -20 à +70 °C
Tripod rotation Bidirectional for a complete access management
LED Green arrow for access granted, red cross for access denied
Emergency function Automatic by free tripod rotation
Drop arm module Optional. The upper arm folds down in case of power failure or signal from the fire protection system
Manufacturer warranty One year
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