TTS1KT turnstile for paid toilets

Turnstile for paid toilets

Control paid access to your public toilets with the TTS1KT tripod turnstile

Control the payment of access to your public toilets in a simple and economic way with a totally integrated solution: turnstile, coin mechanism, color screen and receipt printer. The payment terminal system is part of the TTS1KT tripod turnstile body. This unique integration of the global bathroom access control solution facilitates check-in and check-out, making your investment profitable.

Payment to access the toilets is increasingly frequent

Personnel are gradually being replaced by automated bathroom entry, cleaning and disinfection control systems in public bathrooms. Make your investment profitable, involve your clients in the hygiene effort that is increasingly necessary after the pandemic episodes we have known. Paying a small amount of money on the turnstile is not really our habit, but it is a solution to guarantee the cleanliness of the bathrooms.

Why a bathroom access turnstile?

Because an obstacle of passage is necessary to prevent people from passing without paying. But also because this obstacle must be simple, easy to overcome without giving too intrusive a feeling. The tripod turnstile is a medium height obstacle with a low level of intrusion: its structure is light, the access is simple and pleasant. The handling is minimal, after paying it is not necessary to touch the arm of the tripod with the hand to reach the bathroom, it is enough to push it with the leg.

Operation of the public toilet turnstile

It’s very simple. The visitor inserts a coin into the turnstile’s coins mechanism. An access is activated, for a person that the tripod lets through, at the same time that a receipt is printed. A screen integrated in the TTS1KT access system guides the visitor. It can also offer interactivity, offering you the option to print the purchase receipt only if you wish, since the display is a touchscreen.

A configurable toilets access system

Depending on the desired solution, the access system can be configured on several levels. The amount to pay can be modified by learning in the coin mechanism. Just go into configuration mode, insert a coin of the amount you want to impose, for example 20 euro cents, several times until the system indicates that the learning is validated. The toilet turnstile terminal can issue a receipt. Or leave the customer the option to request the receipt by pressing a key. The exit mode is configured according to whether the clients exit through the same turnstile or through another access: free exit or blocked exit.

Payment terminal separated from the turnstile

If you prefer it for a more transparent appearance of the entrance to your toilets, the payment terminal is available separately from the tripod. Therefore, it can be adapted in shape and size when space is limited. It should be noted, however, that payment should be made as close as possible to the access turnstile. Once an access is authorized, the passage authorization time is only 12 seconds, then the turnstile is closed again.

The markets for the toilet payment tripod

The TTS1KT tripod turnstile and its pay-as-you-go kiosk is a particularly popular solution for paying for restroom entry at gas stations. In some countries like Germany, its installation is almost systematic. In our country, this solution is increasingly in demand, it goes hand in hand with the financing needs of the costs of hygiene maintenance, cleaning and disinfection. The same applies in environments such as bathrooms in shopping malls, leisure centers, restaurants or dining rooms, as well as in general in the events sector.

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