TTSPM motorized turnstile

TTSPM Motorized gate

TTSPM bidirectional motor-driven access control gateway adapted for disabled persons

TTSPM is an elegant motor-driven swing gate that allows you to enable a regulatory passage for people with reduced mobility. Robust and with a stainless steel body, the gate is bidirectional and has opening and closing configuration settings. It is the ideal complement to the tripod turnstile as well as speed gate in your access control system.

Automatically controlled access control gateway

This gate with automatic opening controlled offers a non-intrusive passage control: its engine opens the wing and allows the passage when the instruction is given. There is no need to push on the gate and the passage is fully released, so it is very convenient for users.

Ideal gateway for reduced mobility persons access

The TTSPM rotary gate is ideal for activating a standard 90cm reduced mobility persons access. Its 90cm rotary wing allows to enable a disabled access meeting the standards in force with a minimum footprint. On special order, the wing of the gate may be tailor-made from 60 to 120cm in length.

Two-way rotating gate that saves your budget

Unlike most of its competitors, the A3M TTSPM gate is bidirectional. So you can control with a single gate in a pleasant way, and with a much lower investment, both the entry and exit of your facilities.

Configuring passage through the gate

The gate electronic control unit has several settings that allow to adapt its mode of operation to the need of each user. For example, the opening time of the rotary wing is adjustable from 2 to 20 seconds for an opening limited only to the time required for the passage.

Badge reader pedestal post

When the motorized gate is to be controlled by badge readers, a push button or a manual release, the stainless steel support post is an economical and user-friendly solution for the placement of these readers. Made of a stainless steel tube with a diameter of 104mm, polished finish, its aesthetic flawless and height of 110cm fit PMR make it an accessory of choice for access control.


TTSPM Motor-driven gate technical specifications

Movement Bidirectional motorized at +/- 90º
Length of the wing 90cm allowing to enable a reduced mobility persons passage of 90cm
Gate body material Inox 304
Environment For indoor or protected outdoor access control installations
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