TTSCPR3 fast lane gate

TTSCPR3 fast lane gate

TTSCPR3 is a compact and elegant glazed speed gate

TTSCPR3 is a new fast lane with a glass presentation of the best effect for access control in companies. For your head office, in addition to a badge or biometric pointing system, the TTSCPR3 speed gate offers a high level presence. Compact with its glass surfaces which give it a diaphanous look, its thin boxes offer a feeling of freedom to this efficient and safe passage obstacle. An ideal gate for the access of company employees and fitness sports club members.

A diaphanous glass speed gate

The structure of the TTSCPR3 access control fast lane consists of a thin stainless steel frame supporting a large glass surface which offers a feeling of space and freedom. An indisputable plus for the entrance hall of the head office of a company which will present a modern and diaphanous appearance.

The fast lane boxes are thin and compact

TTSCPR3 is made up of boxes of exceptionally fine width which reinforce the modernity of this automatic turnstile. The length of the boxes has also been reduced to a minimum in order to save the space occupied by the access control system.

Detection of passage by photocells

The passage of users through the rotative speed gate is detected by photocells connected to the electronic management board. This one has advanced algorithms allowing to leave the glass doors open only the time necessary to cross the obstacle. They then close automatically as soon as the person has crossed to the other side. The management offered by the TTSCPR3 speed gate discriminates the arrival of two people face to face.

Bidirectional passage management: entry and exit via a single gate

The access system consisting of TTSCPR3 passage lanes is bidirectional, that is to say that each authorized passage can be used both as an entrance and as an exit. The 180º revolving swing doors open forward, in the direction of passage. Access is pleasant and ergonomic. Each passage can nevertheless be configured to offer the preferred access mode. In the case of several corridors side by side, some can be configured as an entrance and others only as an exit in order to better channel the flow of people.

Fast lane gate for disabled persons access

Access for people with reduced mobility has not been overlooked with the TTSCPR3 spped gate which is available in a passage width version increased to 90cm so as to meet disabled access standards. It thus offers wide and comfortable access for people in wheelchairs, people with reduced mobility or accompanied. On the same entrance hall, it is possible to combine speed gates in standard width of one passage unit with one speed gate in 90cm disabled width. All with a homogeneous presentation for maximum prestige.

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