TTSCP120 speed gate

TTSCP120 speed gate

Modern appealing design for this sliding speed gate with half height crystal panels

The TTSCP120 speed gate is a high-end system for access control with retractable sliding gates. The gates’ cabinets are manufactured out of stainless steel with a very sleek design that incorporates the most advanced detection technologies. It provides precise, reliable and fast entry management to your premises. The TTSCP120 speed gate is build to order so you can choose the colors of the top cover as well as that of the sliding panels to fit with your corporate identity scheme. Logo personalization is available as well for this speed lane.

An elegant and robust sliding gate for your entrance hall

The TTSCP120 speed gate is ideal for high-end environments; it is elegant and in harmony with modern design concepts to meet the demand for high-end offices, administrative buildings, sports clubs, spas, banks and all buildings that demand first-class presentation quality.

Fast, quiet and robust speed gate

TTSCP120 includes fast sliding panels with silent movement and its mechanism has been designed to withstand the repeated passages typical of business towers with many employees. The sliding panels can be supplied in opaque or transparent plexiglass with the optional possibility of engraving the customer logo to go in accordance with your corporate marketing. Their standard height is 1,20m but they can be custom made from 1m to 1.40m to adapt to the customer’s requirements. The TTSCP120 speed lane is therefore virtually impossible to get through without authorization from the access control system ( RFID readers or biometric readers ).

Speed gate with access control readers

The TTSCP120 access control speed gate is intended for the adaptation of RFID card readers. On each side of the body, a discreet polycarbonate window allows their internal installation: invisible, the RFID card readers do not interfere in the design of your entrance hall.

Combinations of several wing gates

The speed gate is available in any combination of central and side cabinets, so as to obtain as many passage gates as necessary. To be taken into account in the calculations: the TTSCP120 gates are bidirectional, so they allow both entry and exit control. The pictograms indicate if the passage is authorized or refused and they avoid confusion in case of bidirectional configuration. Once a person is passing through the gate in one direction, the LED signal shows a red cross in the other way to let other persons know they cannot go through at this moment.

Emergency evacuation

The TTSCP120 speed gate has an automatically managed emergency function. Connected to an alarm or fire safety system, sending an activation signal opens the doors immediately, leaving free passage to facilitate evacuation. When the emergency signal disappears, the gate closes and the lane returns to its normal operating mode.

90cm gate access for persons with reduced mobility

The sliding vent gate has a passage width corresponding to a standard passage unit of 65cm approximately depending on physical installation. It is recommended to use a VIP motorized rotary gate in addition to the TTSCP120 speed lane to enable disabled access (Persons with Reduced Mobility) in a 90cm passage unit. The VIP gate aesthetics blend perfectly with the fast lanes and its price is really economical so that the overall budget is not impacted.


TTSCP120 speed gate technical specifications

Power supply 24 ±3 V
Power 300VA
Sliding vents Plexyglass thickness 15mm
Height 1187 mm
Length 1450 mm
Frame width 350 mm
Frame AISI 304 Stainless steel
Net weight about 90 kg
LED lighting Green arrow passage allowed, red cross passage denied or gate closed
Panic function Automatic
Manufacturer warranty One year
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