Turnstile for paid toilets
TTS1KT turnstile for paid toilets

Control the payment of access to your public toilets in a simple and economic way with a totally integrated solution: turnstile, coin mechanism, color screen and receipt printer. The payment terminal system is part of the TTS1KT tripod turnstile body. This unique integration of the global bathroom access control solution facilitates check-in and check-out, making your investment profitable.

Evolis Kiosk card printer
Evolis Kiosk

Evolis Kiosk is a plastic card printer encoder designed specifically to be integrated into kiosks or ATMs, and be able to deliver instantly any printed and encoded cards on demand. Evolis Kiosk offers impeccable quality since its badge printing engine is based on that of its sisters Evolis Zenius and Evolis Primacy.

MIFARE® reader with remote antenna
Read/write module with separate antenna for MIFARE cards

The LGM3xxxA reading writing module in MIFARE technology ® meets the requirements of system integrators, in cases where the MIFARE ® badge reader cannot be positioned next to the antenna due to lack of space or if a large antenna is desired for a greater reading distance of the RFID badge.

Bank insert card reader
ID-Tech Spectrum 2 insert card readers

Spectrum is a smart card reader and magnetic stripe card reader with manual insertion developed to be integrated into kiosks and counters such as bank cards and ATMs. Supplied with its development kit, it can also read and write contactless smart cards. Spectrum3 is an evolution of the Spectrum insert reader: ID-Tech launches the Spectrum3 version of its manual insertion card reader.