Evolis Kiosk

Industrial printing system Evolis Kiosk

Evolis Kiosk is a printing and encoding system for issuance of PVC cards on demand in ATMs

Evolis Kiosk is a plastic card printer encoder designed specifically to be integrated into kiosks or ATMs, and be able to deliver instantly any printed and encoded cards on demand. Evolis Kiosk offers impeccable quality since its badge printing engine is based on that of its sisters Evolis Zenius and Evolis Primacy.

Instant printing service for PVC cards, 24 hours a day

Evolis Kiosk is an industrial module for printing and personalizing color or monochrome cards for kiosk applications, with a range of 500 cards for the KM500B version and up to 2000 cards for the KM2000B. Evolis Kiosk is ideal for 24-hour ATMs set up by agencies, shopping centers, leisure parks, cinema or theater desks who want to be able to instantly issue PVC cards to their customers, members or users.

Fully customizable PVC identification cards

Thanks to the Evolis Kiosk module, the user can personalize his PVC badge from the self-service kiosk, and can thus choose, for example, the design of his card, or even include his photo of identity, which will be instantly printed in high quality. The Kiosk module also allows the integration of smart card and contactless card encoding modules for a very complete service.

Easy maintenance for the Kiosk Evolis printer

In order to limit and facilitate maintenance operations, the Evolis Kiosk module sends remote notifications on the status of the device and its consumables: quantity of cards available in the feeder, level of use of the ribbon (the Evolis printing ribbon can print up to 3000 single-sided cards in monochrome, and up to 500 color cards).

Fully configurable Evolis card printer

Evolis Kiosk is a printer adaptable according to customer needs or the application to be covered, which are analyzed by a dedicated design office. This is why for any quote request, please contact us to study the suitability of the device for your printing and automated PVC card delivery project.


Evolis Kiosk card issuance module specifications

Evolis Kiosk is an industrial system for printing and personalizing color or monochrome badges for kiosk applications, with an autonomy of 1000 cards.
- Autonomy 1000 color printed cards or monochrome cards.
- YMCKO color ribbon autonomy of 1000 cards / black ribbon for 5000 cards.
- As an option, Kiosk is available with magnetic encoder, encoder for smart cards or contactless MIFARE ® cards or proximity ID cards.
- Applications: 24-hour ATMs, leisure parks, golf and tennis clubs, laundromats, cinema or theater machines with integrated printing system ...

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