Evolis Primacy2

Evolis Primacy 2

The new Evolis high-performance plastic card printer

The new Evolis Primacy2 printer is a set of advanced technologies. 200-card feeder, rewrite printing, QRcode scanner, colorimetric profile, Kineclipse �, digital erase, double varnish layer, UV effect. Never before have we seen so many possibilities in a single card printer.


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Evolis Primacy 2: immense possibilities to print on plastic cards

With its high capacities, Primacy 2 can meet all your card printing needs today and tomorrow. How? Thanks to the many functions that can be easily added throughout its life: double-sided printing, 200 PVC card feeder, card encoders, lamination module, LCD screen. You can install these new options yourself, in a very simple way in your establishment.

Primacy 2 Evolis
Primacy 2 Evolis
Primacy 2 new Evolis printer

What warranty does the manufacturer of the Primacy 2 printer offer?

The durability of Primacy 2 depends on its robustness. Evolis has optimized the protection of the thermal print head to further prolong its useful life. Therefore, the manufacturer’s warranty is 3 years and you can even opt for an additional extension for greater peace of mind.

Card printing: rewrite technology and more!

Primacy 2 incorporates sublimation printing technology for color card creation and thermal transfer technology for personalized monochrome cards. In addition to these two technologies, with Primacy 2, you can also print on rewritable cards, thanks to rewrite technology. This standard feature in Primacy 2 allows you to print, erase and reprint the same card up to 500 times in just a few seconds.

This economical, ecological and practical use is especially recommended for the issuance of temporary cards and accreditations or those that can be updated periodically (loyalty card, visitor accreditation, student accreditation, price accreditation, etc...).

Do we have to choose between quantity and quality?

Primacy 2 offers you both: an output capacity suitable for medium and large series and a high quality of printing.
Its printing speed of up to 280 cards per hour and its 100 or 200 card feeder are the two great strengths of Primacy 2 that allow it to offer a high level of productivity and autonomy. Its high-resolution print mode and color profile closer to real colors allow for high-quality reproduction on all your plastic cards.

Primacy 2 Encoders
Primacy 2 Encoders
Card encoding with the Evolis Primacy 2 printer

Secure card production with the Primacy 2 printer

From the simplest cards to the most secure, Primacy 2 can do it all. Choose the security level of your cards according to your needs:
Evolis encoders: encode contact or contactless chips and magnetic stripes using our various encoders. Choose the ones you need at the time of purchase, or add more, throughout the life of your Primacy 2.
Lamination Module Ordered at the same time as your Primacy 2 or added as needed, the External Lamination Module allows you to integrate visual security features into your ID cards. Choose a generic hologram or a custom hologram, with your logo, to secure your cards. The lamination module is the essential equipment to access an optimal level of security.
UV Effect: When printing with the dedicated YMCKOO ribbon or via the standard color ribbon overlay layer associated with the lamination module, you can add a UV effect to your PVC cards to give them an extra level of security.
Scanner: in order to check the printed cards, the Evolis scanner allows you to verify that the elements on the cards are correctly printed, as well as keeping a print history.

Primacy 2 lamination module
Primacy 2 lamination module
Evolis Primacy 2 printer with lamination module

Are cards printed with Primacy 2 durable?

Double Layer Overlay: A double layer overlay is to optimize the durability of your printed cards. The double layer of varnish provides reinforced protection against wear and scuffing, being the key to abrasion resistance 3 times higher than the protection offered by a standard YMCKO tape.
Additional lamination: the Evolis external lamination module allows the application, on the printed card, of patches of varnish or thick plastic. Provides multi-year protection and durability for your card-sized ID documents.

Is printed personal data protected?

Double Layer Overlay: A double layer overlay is to optimize the durability of your printed cards. The double layer of varnish provides reinforced protection against wear and scuffing, being the key to abrasion resistance 3 times higher than the protection offered by a standard YMCKO tape.
Additional lamination: the Evolis external lamination module allows the application, on the printed card, of patches of varnish or thick plastic. Provides multi-year protection and durability for your card-sized ID documents.

Printer is locked for added protection

The mechanical key lock available as an option on the Primacy 2 prevents unauthorized persons from opening the printer. Access to the inside of the machine and the charger can only be done with the printer key. The consumables (cards, tapes, etc.) and all the components that can be stolen (encoders, etc.) are thus protected.

Is the ease of use of the Primacy 2 better than other card printers?

Evolis has designed Primacy 2 so that you can make all your impressions with the greatest comfort. We know that you may need a little help from time to time. For this reason, in its version with an LCD screen, Primacy 2 helps you with its use thanks to the display of QR codes. When you need help, it shows a QR code on your screen: capture it and you will have direct access to the information you need.

Primacy 2 Card Loader
Primacy 2 Card Loader
Plastic card feeder for Evolis Primacy 2 printer

What consumables are available for Primacy 2?

Evolis High Trust consumables guarantee optimal print quality and lifespan for your printer. With a wide variety of cards, ribbons and cleaning kits, you are sure to find the right product for your Evolis printer.
Our pick for Primacy 2:
 YMCKOO tape: double overlay layer, for double card protection.
 Cassette tapes for installation in a single gesture, or an EASY4PRO offer without a cassette for expert users who want to reduce their environmental impact.


Technical specifications Evolis Primacy2 PVC card printer

 Color Sublimation Direct to Card/Resin Thermal Transfer/Rewrite
 Edge-to-edge printing, one or two sides.
 Standard resolution 300 x 300 dpi, Customizable resolution at 300 x 600 dpi (monochrome and color printing) or 300 x 1200 dpi (monochrome printing only).
 Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, Wifi (optional).
 Loader capacity: up to 200 cards (optional), Receptacle capacity: 100 cards.
 Printing speed
Single-sided: up to 280 cards/hour
Duplex: up to 170 cards/hour
 Optional double-sided lamination module (CLM).
 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.
 Supplied with cardPresso XXS and Cardream3 Basic for card design and printing.

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