Black ribbon for personalisation

Evolis black ribbon 1000 cards

Evolis black ribbon to personalize ID cards with black texts and barcodes

The Evolis black thermal transfer ribbon is used to personalize plastic cards with text elements, numbering, 1D, 2D or QR Code barcode. The Evolis black ribbon is easy to use, economical and highly resistant to scratching.

Thermal transfer ribbon

Thanks to its resolution of 300 dpi, the Evolis black ribbon offers excellent visual results, combined with great resistance of the printed elements over time and against abrasion. The cost of card printing with the Evolis black ribbon is very low.

Evolis Pebble and Dualys Ribbon

The black ribbon for Pebble printers and Dualys comes in the form of a loading roller and a rewinding mandrel which must be positioned in their respective housings. With aprint autonomy of 1000 cards the black Evolis HighTrust ribbon reference R2011 offers impeccable quality for your texts and barcodes. The Evolis ribbon saver allows you to reach up to 2000 cards printed by ribbon.

Zenius and Primacy Ribbon

The latest generation of Evolis Zenius and Evolis Primacy printers has a black ribbon in the form of a cartridge which can be easily inserted into the card printer and which can be configured then automatically to optimize its printing without having to make any settings. This reference ribbon RCT023NAA has an autonomy of 2000 cards or more thanks to the Evolis ribbon saver system integrated in the Zenius and Primacy printers.

Ribbon for Evolis Quantum printer

The industrial printer of Evolis, the Quantum, which has a large printing autonomy of 500 cards with its card loading and receiving towers, benefits also a high capacity black ribbon 3000 cards reference R2131.

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