Evolis Zenius

Zenius ID card printer

The standard version of the Evolis colour printers

Compact, very easy to use, attractive design - the Evolis Zenius printer offers great print quality for a price no one can compete with.

Zenius is the ideal solution for quality, single sided printing, in colour and monochrome, and for encoding every type of technological cards, by unit or small amounts:
- employee identification cards,
- access control cards,
- membership cards,
- payment cards,
- transport passes, etc.

Easy to Use

Zenius was designed to be easy to use at all times. Its modern design concentrates the highest amount possible of advanced functions in a small space.
- Input/output hoppers located on the front of the printer.
- Manual feeder
- LED control panel

Evolis High Trust Consumables

The range of Evolis High Trust® consumables was specifically developed to offer first class graphic results for printing cards and to offer the most simplified use. Place the ribbon in the printer in one quick and easy step. Zenius instantly recognises the Evolis ribbon thanks to its chip, and will adapt the printer configuration.

Evolis Ecodesign

Zenius has the ENERGY STAR certification and complies with the strict ErP European standards, which rewards efforts regarding energy efficiency.
- Suspension modes
- ENERGY STAR certification
- In compliance with ErP European standards

A compact, light and silent printer

With a low sound and minimum noise, the Zenius printer can be perfectly integrated into any environment: in an office, on a counter or desk, or in a ticket office. Its low weight makes it the ideal printer for mobile card printing applications.
- 46dB(A)
- 3.3 kg

Ready for development

Zenius uses the latest Evolis technology in printing. The Zenius "Expert" version can be equipped in situ with several encoding options. Thanks to its flexibility, the printer continually adapts to your growing needs of card personalisation.
- Direct access to connection systems
- Configuration in situ for adding specific modules*
- Magnetic stripe encoder and smart card encoding station that can be combined in a single printer*
* available for "Expert" version or higher

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