Evolis Quantum

Evolis Quantum personnalisation system

Industrial systems for ID cards personalisation, high volume production

With a 500 card capacity for its card feeder, hopper and colour ribbon, the Quantum is the only industrial ID cards printer on the market to offer a total printing autonomy of 500 cards in full colour.monochrome.

Dual-sided and easy-to-use

- This autonomy is even reinforced in monochrome mode thanks to a 3000 cards/roll capacity for the black ribbon.
- This dual-sided and easy-to-use printing system personalises pre-printed and blank cards with high resolution text, logos, photos, and barcodes. It also offers the options of magnetic encoding, smart card encoding, and contactless card personalisation.
- Designed for service bureau, access control or any other high volume applications, the Quantum is as easy to use as a desktop printer. To make it even more convenient, the two card feeders and the two hoppers are selectable and work totally independently from one another. This enables the possibility to manage two or more different types of cards at the same time. Each hopper has a reject box for defective cards. These technological innovations make this printer completely autonomous.
- All-in-one solution thanks to Cardream3 Lite, card personalisation software for plastic cards that comes free with the Quantum.
- Start your print job before leaving the office and, on your return the following morning, your cards will be done!

autonomy, ease-of-use and low cost

The Quantum from Evolis combines high autonomy, ease-of-use and low cost.

- The Quantum Mag version incorporates a magnetic head to encode magnetic ID cards.
- The Quantum Contactless can read and write contactless smart cards (Mifare cards).


Quantum Printer Specifications

Card thickness 0,76mm (30mil
Ribbons capacity Colour 500 cards, black 3000 cards
Card feeder capacity 500 cards, 0,76mm
Card hopper capacity 500 cards, 0,76mm
Output hopper for defective cards 20 cards
Printer size Height : 567mm, width : 850mm, depth : 300mm
Printer weight 21,7kg
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