Evolis Quantum

Evolis Quantum printer

Evolis Quantum means industrial card printing with the flexibility of an office printer

The Quantum PVC card printer is designed for issuing and encoding identification badges in industrial volume. It personalizes plastic cards on the front and back, in color or monochrome, and encodes them in a single pass. A powerful and easy-to-use PVC card printing system that for badge printing volumes greater than the capacity offered by Evolis Primacy and Evolis Zenius printers.

Production of PVC cards in industrial volume

With Quantum industrial card personalization becomes easier: card and badge manufacturers, office services, ATMs, banks and even universities have the ideal solution for printing and encoding their cards and badges in very large quantities (more than 50000 units per year).

Quantum Printer target markets

The Quantum printer is ideal for sectors that require the printing of large volumes of PVC cards: identity cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, pass transport, event access cards (fairs, concerts and others), student cards, payment cards, telephone cards, or SIM cards.

Ultra-fast: more than 1000 personalized cards per hour with Evolis Quantum!

Quantum’s printing module personalizes more than 1,000 cards / hour in monochrome (full card printing), and up to 150 cards / hour in color, with high-definition printing of texts, logos, images and barcode . Quantum also prints on one side or on both sides.

Quantum makes your production process more fluid

The Quantum system incorporates a high capacity feeder and re-stacker. These storage magazines are interchangeable and can accommodate up to 500 cards. Additional chargers are available as an option to speed up card reloading and the production of badge series.

A reversible encoding module is available for the Quantum printer

This exclusive feature allows you to encode a card without having to return it. It combines encoders for magnetic stripes, for smart cards and for contactless cards, within a single printer. The encoding module can be updated on site and you can connect the smart card coupler of your choice to it.


Evolis Quantum card printer specifications

- Printing on front and back.
- Color and monochrome printing.
- Printing speed: more than 1000 cards per hour in monochrome and up to 150 cards per hour in color (total printing of the surface of a card).
- Encoding of magnetic strips and contact or contactless smart cards.
- Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. MAC driver available on request.

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