Evolis ID card printer

Evolis ID card printer

Evolis is a manufacturer of card printers, one of the world leaders in its sector: the printing and personalization of PVC plastic cards and badges. Its Evolis Badgy, Evolis Zenius and Evolis Primacy Simplex or Duplex printers are among the best-selling badge printers. But what is the origin of Evolis Card Printer and what are its printers for?

Evolis Badgy200

Evolis Badgy 200

Evolis Badgy 200 is the mini badge printer from Evolis Card Printer. An innovative printer which offers a small footprint and which is also the cheapest Evolis badge printer. Badgy provides access to the Evolis range with a lower investment than Zenius, Primacy Simplex or Primacy Duplex. With its recommended retail price of € 749 excl. Tax, the Badgy200 printer prints your cards instantly easily and quickly.

Evolis Tattoo Rewrite printer

Evolis Tattoo2 Rewrite

Small revolution with the Evolis Tattoo Rewrite printer: now it is possible to reprint the same ID card up to 500 times! Deleting and re-printing the same PVC card allows it to be assigned to the next customer or visitor, with the corresponding ease, savings and environmental protection. The rewrite card is the ideal identification badge for all applications where the duration of use of a card is very short (visitor management, customer loyalty, transport tickets).

Nisca C101 ribbon

Black ribbon for card personalisation

The Nisca C101 printer allows the printing of cards in black intended mainly for the personalization of identification badges. As a card manufacturer, A3M manufactures your color pre-printed cards by offset technology so that they can then be personalized on a Nisca printer with the black resin ribbon.

Evolis Quantum2 printer

Evolis Quantum

The Quantum PVC card printer is designed for issuing and encoding identification badges in industrial volume. It personalizes plastic cards on the front and back, in color or monochrome, and encodes them in a single pass. A powerful and easy-to-use PVC card printing system that for badge printing volumes greater than the capacity offered by Evolis Primacy and Evolis Zenius printers.

Magicard Enduro3e printer

Enduro card printer

Magicard Enduro3E, the evolution of the Enduro and Enduro + card printers, makes it possible to print small series of cards at the lowest cost. This printer, with manual card insertion and a 100 card feeder, is faster than the Magicard Pronto and has it all: ease of use, security, reliability of the Magicard brand. As well as a really affordable sale price!

Magicard XXL Card Printer for large cards

XXL Card Printer

Thanks to its two badge formats: 124.8 x 87.8 mm and 140 x 87.8 mm, the large format card printer from Magicard is ideal for printing your plastic cards for events (trade fairs, congresses, concerts, etc.). The Magicard XXL was created with customization of large preprinted identification badges in mind, and allows you to personalize your badge on a printable surface of 86 x 54 mm (standard size credit card). Magicard XXL is now obsolete and has been replaced by the large format card printer Nisca Swiftcolor SCC4000D.

Evolis Tattoo2 printer

Evolis Tattoo 2

Evolis Tattoo was for several years the cheap printer of Evolis. Its production was stopped in favor of the Badgy printer, but if you have a Tattoo printer contact us to buy your printing ribbons. You might also be interested in buying a second-hand Evolis Tattoo printer since its price is now very low. Tattoo2 personalizes your white cards or preprinted cards. Recommended for printing up to 500 cards per year, Tattoo2 prints images, texts, barcodes easily.


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