Evolis Tattoo 2

Evolis Tattoo printer

The Evolis printer for low volume and low-cost card printing

Evolis Tattoo was for several years the cheap printer of Evolis. Its production was stopped in favor of the Badgy printer, but if you have a Tattoo printer contact us to buy your printing ribbons. You might also be interested in buying a second-hand Evolis Tattoo printer since its price is now very low. Tattoo2 personalizes your white cards or preprinted cards. Recommended for printing up to 500 cards per year, Tattoo2 prints images, texts, barcodes easily.

Tattoo2 is simple and easy to use thanks to its drivers and editing software

Both the printer and its Cardream3 software have been designed with users in mind. The Tattoo driver is installed in a few clicks and a few minutes later, you print your first cards. Tattoo2 comes with market leading card editing software, Cardream3 Lite, and therefore comes as a complete, ready-to-use package for creating badges.

Compact and ergonomic printer for counter or mobile use

Tattoo2 is the most compact ID card printer in its class! It naturally finds its place on any counter or desk. It is also easy to transport for mobile applications such as fairs, congresses, seminars. Tattoo2 offers the possibility of using its 100-card feeder, or its manual card-to-card insertion mode, whichever is more convenient for you at any time.

Color or monochrome printing flexibility

The ability of Evolis Tattoo to print in color or monochrome (several ribbon colors available) makes Tattoo a versatile printer. The change of printing ribbon is very simple thanks to the generous opening of its cover.

Quality, reliability and encoding options of the Tattoo2

Tattoo benefits from Evolis know-how and its recognized quality standards. The Tattoo 2 also has an optional 10-card receptacle, as well as a MIFARE badge encoder.

Color printed identification ID badge

Evolis Tattoo2 with its Cardream3 software package allows to produce your personalized company badges in an instant with an impeccable appearance and significant durability. The investment is measured and justifies the transition from plastic cardboard badges to modern badges giving your company a different cachet.

Low investment and efficiency

Tattoo is the ideal solution for small organizations who need to print a few cards from time to time, making a minimum initial investment and with very easy and reduced maintenance. On the Evolis Tattoo2 printer, maintenance is almost nonexistent and access is very easy.


Evolis Tattoo specifications

Print Mode Monochrome thermal transfer, Line mode for printing texts, barcodes, graphics and logos or diffusion mode for photo printing
Printer Specifications Integrated ribbon saver, automatic card thickness adjustment
Print Speed 500 cards/hour in monochrome, 95 cards/hour in color
Resolution 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm)
Windows™ Drivers For Windows™ 95 / 98 / Me / NT 4.0 / 2000 and Xp
Warranty Printer: 1 year, Print head: 1 year, unlimited number of prints (1)
Ribbon Type Monochrome ribbon: 600 cards/roll, Colours available: black, blue, red, green, gold and silver
Card Loading Modes Manual and/or automatic feed
Options Serial port (available upon study), Additional detachable card feeder
Other printer models Tattoo Mag, Printer with HICO / LOCO magnetic stripe encoder ISO 7811; Tattoo Stand-Alone, Printer connected to a keyboard, available upon request
Connection Parallel and USB
Printer weight 2,5Kg

(1) - Clause governing the use of Evolis consumables

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