Evolis Securion

Evolis Securion printer

Evolis Securion printer for making tamper-proof security cards with holograms

The Evolis Securion ID card printer was discontinued in 2015 and replaced in the Evolis range by its Primacy Lamination printer. A3M still offers the purchase of its color ribbon and black ribbon as well as its spare parts. Evolis Securion meets the security needs of badges. It personalizes your PVC cards on both sides and laminates them with a hologram thanks to its integrated laminating module.

High technology for secure access badges

Securion is the Evolis system dedicated to the personalization and lasting protection of all badges, from identity cards to the most advanced security badges. From government programs (identity cards, driver’s license, social security cards, university cards), security or identification programs (within companies, ports and airports), or all applications that require tamper-proof badges.

The card printer that offers lamination with or without a hologram

Securion applies a hot protective film to the card surface immediately after printing de PVC card and encoding the data. This film can be a layer of continuous varnish or a patch, and allows the personalization of your PVC badge with a hologram or your own design, while increasing its resistance and lifespan.

High performance duplex printing for your identification badges

The Evolis Securion printer allows you to print your secure PVC badges on one side and dual sided printing, in color or monochrome. The Securion’s printing and laminating performance is particularly interesting: from 85 to 105 cards / h for color printing on the front and monochrome back (YMCK-K + patch 1.0 mil single-sided), and from 95 to 120 cards / h for one side color printing (YMCK + patch 1.0 mil single side).

Evolis PVC card encoding options

The Securion offers you a whole range of mutually compatible options for encoding: you can encode your PVC badges with magnetic stripe, contact smart cards, and even RFID smart cards. In order not to let an unencrypted card or improperly encoded card mix with correctly finalized cards, a separate hopper for defective cards has been added to Evolis Securion. An additional guarantee for very complete security badges.


Evolis Securion printer specifications

- Single-sided and double-sided printing
- Color or Monochrome
- Printing speed and laminating: from 85 to 105 Cards / h (YMCK-K + patch 1.0 mil single-sided), from 95 to 120 Cards / h (YMCK + patch 1.0 mil single-sided)
- Encoding options: magnetic stripes, contact and contactless smart cards
- Laminating (lamination with or without holograms)
- Compatible with Windows ™ 7 (32 and 64 bit), XP, Vista (32 and 64 bit) & Mac OS X
- 2 year warranty or 100.000 cards.

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