6 panel YMCKOK ribbon 200 cards

Evolis 6 panel ribbon R6F003EAA

The Evolis R3314 ribbon ribbon prints your cards front in color and back in black

The Evolis R6F003EAA ribbon for Primacy printers as well as the Evolis R3314 ribbon for older Evolis Dualys, Evolis Quantum and Evolis Securion printers are 6-panel YMCKOK ribbons. This type of ribbon is designed to print cards in color on the front side and in black on the backside. At the base identical to the standard YMCKO ribbon, it has an additional black resin panel. This sixth panel is generally used for printing double-sided cards for printing black text on the back of the PVC card.

R6F003EAA Evolis Primacy YMCKOK ribbon

The R6F003EAA ribbon prints 200 cards in color front and black back on the Evolis Primacy Duplex printer, the double sided version of the Primacy printer. It is also compatible with the Primacy Lamination printer. The color print quality offered is ideal for personal photo identification cards such as the company badge, the club membership card or the student card.

Ribbon for older Evolis printers series

The YMCKOK R3314 ribbon is compatible with the front / back models of the old Evolis generation: the Evolis Dualys printer and the Evolis Quantum industrial printer. The printing capacity of the YMCKOK toner is 200 cards with the Dualys printer, 500 cards with the Quantum printer. It offers high print quality and superior ease for your color / black printed cards because it avoids constantly changing from color ribbon to black ribbon.

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