Evolis Primacy

Evolis Primacy printer

Evolis Primacy is a high-end PVC card printer

Evolis Primacy is an ID card printer that combines great looking prints and simple-to-use interface never known before. It replaces the Evolis Pebble single sided and Evolis Dualys double-sided printers. Depending on its configuration, it allows single-sided or double-sided printing and encoding of magnetic and RFID badges at the best price. Evolis Primacy provides a fast card printing speed and allows real versatility for all your personnalization needs on plastic cards.

Evolis Primacy Simplex: affordable modern color printer

Evolis Primacy is available with a card feeder and red or blue hopper. Modern in appearance, it really contrasts with other card printers. Manufacturing quality and assembly faithful to Evolis reputation. Despite a selling price that remains among the most accessible plastic card printers.
The printed and custom printed cards with the Primacy printer and its color ribbon are beautiful and durable.

Primacy is a very easy to use Evolis printer

The ease of use was a top priority for Evolis throughout its Primacy printer development. It benefits from the latest brand’s developments to print blank PVC cards. Its card feeder and its hopper of 100 cards each are located on the front of this Primacy printer. The LED control panel is clearly visible on the front. The one-piece ribbon cartridge positions itself in this ID card printer.

Evolis High Trust ribbons and consumables for Primacy printers

The Evolis High Trust® ribbons range has been developed to offer the best print results. The Evolis ribbon is also very easy to place in Evolis Primacy. A simple gesture is enough to place the ink cartridge in your Evolis.

Low power consumption Primacy card printer

The Primacy badge printer meets the stringent European ErP directive thanks to its standby mode. This standard rewards energy efficiency efforts on Evolis Primacy. The French printer manufacturer Evolis is more than ever committed to its environmental approach. He is working hard to produce low power card printers. The Primacy printer also has standby mode and ENERGY STAR certification. To create cards in your image, with barcode, smart cards, bank cards...

Primacy printer delivers the highest print quality level

Evolis Primacy is appreciated for its color print quality setting new standards among PVC card printers. Visual with full card background, uniform color background, identification photos ... The white margin around the edge of the card is reduced to a very light white line. Everything has been optimized on Evolis Primacy to obtain the best printing result among card and badge printers.

Evolis Primacy boasts a fast card printing speed

Our Primacy printer print speed is very impressive: 190 to 210 cards per hour in full-face color. The model it replaces, the Evolis Pebble4 printer, was already a reference on this criterion. It was printing with a speed of only 150 cards per hour... Evolis Primacy is therefore a high-performance printer for custom volume card printing jobs.

A ready to evolve Evolis printer

Equipped with the latest technologies in terms of printing, Evolis Primacy is totally modular. With a simple activation key, it goes from single-sided to double-sided. It is also possible to turn your standard Primacy into a Primacy with a card encoder. You will then have the choice between magnetic encoder, smart card encoder or encoder of RFID badge. These options are all combinable with each other in one printer.

Primacy badge printer with WiFi connection

The latest evolution at Evolis, Primacy has just been given the optional Wi-Fi connectivity. You can now order your Primacy Evolis printer with Wi-Fi option. This allows you to print your personalized access badges from any computer in your corporate network.

An optional LCD touch screen on the Primacy printer

In the summer of 2016, the Primacy printer was equipped with an optional LCD screen. A color touchscreen. See more information about printer status and control your Evolis Primacy faster and easier. The color screen is a big plus for customizing high definition cards with barcodes and magnetic stripe.

Easy maintenance of the Evolis printer

Evolis has provided easy and fast access to the interior of its Primacy printer. Its side covers open without tools. In addition to easy maintenance, it allows the installation of Evolis Primacy at any time with optional encoders of magnetic cards, chip or RFID.

Trade-in Evolis: your Primacy printer at a discount price

The purchase of a printer Primacy Evolis is really cheap for customers who already have a card printer. Evolis offers them a trade-in operation through its network of resellers. Just send back your old printer and you will get a discount of up to 200 € on the purchase of a brand new Primacy.

Free Cardream3 card printing software

A3M maximizes the added value of Evolis Primacy! Buy an Evolis Primacy and we include a free one-year license of its Cardream3 Gold Edition badging software. Cardream3 optimizes the print quality of your color cards. This software also allows the import of Excel, Access, ODBC databases and the immediate printing in keyboard input. The easiest way to print badges with your Primacy printer!

Limited edition Primacy Black Edition

The limited edition celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Evolis-born manufacturer Evolis launched in 2015, Primacy Black Edition was an event on the sector. This promotion reinforced Primacy’s position as the best selling in its category. A printer with a superb carbon finish. Primacy Black Edition represents all the technology used by Evolis on its color PVC card printers. It should be noted that this is basically a Primacy Duplex printer and therefore it prints your badges on both sides.


Technical specifications Evolis Primacy plastic card printer

Printing technology Color dye sublimation and monochrome thermal transfer Edge-to-edge printing standard
Evolis Primacy Simplex Single-sided printing, edge-to-edge
Evolis Primacy Duplex Double-sided printing, edge-to-edge, can use the 6-panel color ribbon R6F003EAA
Half panel ribbon Reference R5H004NAA color customization on one half of the badge, prints 400 faces of personalized cards
Printing resolution Customizable 300 x 600 dpi resolution (color and monochrome printing)
Card format Laminated PVC card 86x54mm
Memory (RAM) Standard 32 Mo – 64 Mo in option
Color print speed Card single-sided YMCKO: 170 cards/hour
Monochrome print speed 600 to 800 cards/hour
Primacy printer installation Simple installation of the printer thanks to its USB connection and its Windows driver. Integrated Ethernet port
Magnetic encoder For magnetic stripe PVC cards
Instructions for use of Evolis Primacy Supplied with the CD printer
Evolis Primacy Simplex printer price Suggested list price 1390€ excl-IVA
Used Primacy printer We regularly have used Primacy printers available for purchase, contact us!

How to clean the printer evolis primacy?

To start the periodic cleaning of your printer:

  1. Open the printer top cover.
  2. Remove the printer ribbon if it is on it.
  3. Close the cover and make sure it is closing properly.
  4. Open the card feeder.
  5. Remove the PVC cards from the charger if applicable.
  6. Place the thickness measure on the MAX position.
  7. Take a new Evolis cleaning card and remove the protective film.
  8. Double-click the control panel push button on the front of the printer.
  9. Insert the cleaning card into the open feeder with the adhesive side facing up. The cleaning of the printer is triggered.
  10. The used cleaning card is automatically ejected into the receptacle. Open it and discard the used adhesive card.
  11. Replace the ribbon and cards in the feeder, and readjust the measure to the desired card thickness.
  12. Remember that to benefit from the extended warranty offered by Evolis on the Primacy printer, you will need to carry out a thorough maintenance by respecting cleaning cycles.

More information about the Evolis Primacy printer on the manufacturer’s website

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