Color ID card printing

Our 2021 selection of plastic card and badge printers. A3M offers the best badge printers to print your PVC credentials in color with personal data personalization. Printing color cards and badges is a necessary process for visually identifying people in multiple industries. Since 2003, A3M has been one of the benchmark European specialists and offers complete solutions for sale that enable four-color color printing of a card or badge. To print a full color PVC badge with personalization data like text or barcode, you will need to purchase a badge printer, dye sublimation printing ribbons, laminated white plastic cards, and a software for card printing and editing.


Primacy 2
Evolis Primacy2

The new Evolis Primacy2 printer is a set of advanced technologies. 200-card feeder, rewrite printing, QRcode scanner, colorimetric profile, Kineclipse �, digital erase, double varnish layer, UV effect. Never before have we seen so many possibilities in a single card printer.

Evolis ID card printer
Evolis ID card printer

Evolis is a manufacturer of card printers, one of the world leaders in its sector: the printing and personalization of PVC plastic cards and badges. Its Evolis Badgy, Evolis Zenius and Evolis Primacy Simplex or Duplex printers are among the best-selling badge printers. But what is the origin of Evolis Card Printer and what are its printers for?

Evolis Primacy printer
Evolis Primacy

Evolis Primacy is an ID card printer that combines great looking prints and simple-to-use interface never known before. It replaces the Evolis Pebble single sided and Evolis Dualys double-sided printers. Depending on its configuration, it allows single-sided or double-sided printing and encoding of magnetic and RFID badges at the best price. Evolis Primacy provides a fast card printing speed and allows real versatility for all your personnalization needs on plastic cards.

Cardream3 card editing software

Cardream3 is an easy to use and affordable software for the creation, printing and personalization of PVC ID cards. Developed by A3M, it is compatible with all brands of card printers. Cardream3 offers an exceptional image optimization engine that maximizes the color printing quality of your badges.

Magicard Pronto printer
Pronto card printer

The Magicard Pronto card printer is the ideal solution if you want to print your own cards and badges at the lowest cost. Color or monochrome printing in seconds, with high quality backgrounds and personalization of texts and photos, the Pronto can also erase and print rewritable cards (ReWrite card technology). Magicard Pronto is the ideal printer for clubs, associations, site access cards, visitor management.

Nisca C101
Nisca PR-C101

Simple and affordable, Nisca C101 printer offers unprecedented print quality. The Nisca driver allows you to print with a multitude of settings: contrast, brightness, separation of CMYK channels, gamma adjustment ... True photo quality in 24-bit linear sublimation for printing your PVC cards in high definition. Take advantage of the reduced price of the C101: entry to the range of Nisca printers offers the best sublimation printing solution on PVC cards.

Blank cards packaging
Blank cards

Manufacturer of blank PVC cards, A3M offers a plastic card that meets the criteria of the largest manufacturers of card printers. Standard size and thickness, the A3M blank card is distinguished by high quality production and a very high level of finish which will allow you to benefit from the best color print quality and the greatest durability of your badges and identification cards printed single sided or double sided. Standard format 86x54mm, thickness 0,76mm. ISO CR80-7810.

Magicard 300 printer
Magicard 300

Magicard 300 printer digital shredding (TM) technology secures printing of PVC ID cards. Personal data used to print and personalize a badge is instantly erased from memory, preventing any possibility of fraud. A new quality printer that you can choose from single-sided printing (Magicard 300 UNO) or double-sided printing (Magicard 300 DUO).

Evolis Badgy200
Evolis Badgy 200

Evolis Badgy 200 is the mini badge printer from Evolis Card Printer. An innovative printer which offers a small footprint and which is also the cheapest Evolis badge printer. Badgy provides access to the Evolis range with a lower investment than Zenius, Primacy Simplex or Primacy Duplex. With its recommended retail price of 749 excl. Tax, the Badgy200 printer prints your cards instantly easily and quickly.

Offset printing on ID card
Offset printing

Offset printing on PVC cards allows fantastic brilliant full colour prints. Virtually any image can be printed on an ID card with this technology. The overlay we apply on the card during its production process enables the ID card to receive a posterior personalisation in monochrome or even in dye sublimation full colour, for example to print membership cards with photo.

Magicard Rio Pro360
Magicard Rio Pro printer

The Magicard Rio Pro 360 is an ID badge printer of professional class that prints high quality edge-to-edge images, single sided or double-sided on white or printed PVC cards, in large quantities thanks to its 100 card charger and its 70 card hopper. Built for professionals, it is ideal for printing high volumes of cards including above 10,000 cards / year.

Evolis R3011 ribbon
YMCKO 5 panel colour ribbon 200 cards

The Evolis R3011 ribbon has long been the flagship ribbon for the Evolis range of consumables: it is compatible with Evolis Pebble, Evolis Dualys and Evolis Quantum. The Evolis R3011 ribbon prints 200 badges in color single-sided. Permanent stock and the best price from A3M, wholesaler of Evolis card printers.

Evolis Quantum2 printer
Evolis Quantum

The Quantum PVC card printer is designed for issuing and encoding identification badges in industrial volume. It personalizes plastic cards on the front and back, in color or monochrome, and encodes them in a single pass. A powerful and easy-to-use PVC card printing system that for badge printing volumes greater than the capacity offered by Evolis Primacy and Evolis Zenius printers.

Magicard Enduro3e printer
Enduro card printer

Magicard Enduro3E, the evolution of the Enduro and Enduro + card printers, makes it possible to print small series of cards at the lowest cost. This printer, with manual card insertion and a 100 card feeder, is faster than the Magicard Pronto and has it all: ease of use, security, reliability of the Magicard brand. As well as a really affordable sale price!

ID card printed silksreen
Silk screen printing

Screen printing is a printing process that produces cards with flat colors, metallic inks for production of silver or gold cards. If you want to differentiate yourself from a classic print, the A3M screen printing preprint will give your preprinted badges a unique look.

Evolis Dualys printer
Evolis Dualys 3

The Evolis Dualys printer was the big sister of the Pebble printer and was developed for printing full color plastic cards on both sides in large volumes. Replaced by the Primacy Duplex printer in 2011, we continue the sale of consumables for Dualys printer such as the printing ribbon and the white card, as well as its spare parts (print head and cleaning roller Evolis Dualys is a real PVC badge printing and encoding system.

Nisca PR-5310 Printer
Nisca PR5310

Evolution of the PR5300 model, the Nisca PR5310 card printer with card laminating station with holograms and UV inks allows access to the print quality, resistance and security of cards which are the prerogative of Nisca plastic card printers. A fast printer, which prints color front-to-back edge to edge with unrivaled graphic quality. Nisca reliability in addition, and great ease thanks to its LCD screen for immediate access to configuration.

Evolis Pebble printer
Evolis Pebble 4

Evolis Pebble is the printer that revolutionized the PVC card printer market. Replaced by the Primacy Simplex printer, it was at the origin of the success of the manufacturer Evolis and today still many of our customers use a Pebble printer to print their PVC cards and we continue to sell the whole range of ribbons for Evolis Pebble. We also have used Pebble printers and spare parts. Evolis Pebble is the ideal printer for printing and encoding identification cards by its ease, reliability and printing quality.