Nisca PR-C101

Nisca C101 color printer

Nisca C101 high quality printer for single sided PVC badges

Simple and affordable, Nisca C101 printer offers unprecedented print quality. The Nisca driver allows you to print with a multitude of settings: contrast, brightness, separation of CMYK channels, gamma adjustment ... True photo quality in 24-bit linear sublimation for printing your PVC cards in high definition. Take advantage of the reduced price of the C101: entry to the range of Nisca printers offers the best sublimation printing solution on PVC cards.

Compact Nisca printer ideal for counter use

Compact card printer, the Nisca C101 takes up just the space you need and can be easily placed in an office, reception desk or point of sale. The C101 also offers the possibility of setting the output of printed cards on the same side as the card feeder, for greater ease of use. Its rotating screen allows it to be positioned in the most convenient direction while retaining perfect control of operations.

Nisca card feeder: absolutely awesome

Nisca has created a fabulous card loader for its C101 printer. Large capacity, it accommodates 100 cards in standard thickness 0,76mm. With one touch, it opens fully at the top and on the side to load the cards easily, even while the printer is printing the cards. Extractable, it can be removed from the printer which allows among other things to prepare a second charger in advance.

Nisca ribbon cartridge for less handling

The Nisca print ribbon is integrated in a cassette for easier change and less handling. The color ribbon of the C101 printer provides up to 250 card prints. Nisca black ribbons have up to 1,000 prints for monochrome badges.

Cleaning of inserted PVC cards for less printing defects

The ribbon cassette of the Nisca C101 printer incorporates its own card cleaning system. So that by changing the tape, the card cleaning system is also changed for a new one. The efficiency of the Nisca consumable system is total; printing defects caused by dust and other particles are now a thing of the past ...

PVC card editing software for Nisca printer

The C101 comes with the easiest to use card editing software: Cardream3. This turnkey solution is ideal for printing all corporate badges, school and university cards, club membership cards, association, casino, loyalty cards, ... in a completely intuitive way.

Driver Windows Nisca C101

The Nisca C101 printer benefits from a particularly complete and comprehensive Windows driver for image quality control. A driver developed by professionals of printing identification cards. The Nisca driver makes it possible to maximize the quality of the printing of each card design, as no other card printer can do.

The Nisca C101 has a defective card hopper

The Nisca C101 has a second card hopper which makes it possible to distinguish correctly printed or encoded cards from those which experienced a problem during the process. These cards will be directed to the defective card hopper located just under the main card feeder.

The Nisca C101 card printer is easy to use

To make printing PVC cards simpler, Nisca has focused on accessibility to all the functions of the C101 printer. The receptacle for printed cards is simple and handy with wide indentations to take cards more easily. The cover of the C101 opens wide for easier loading of the black or color ribbon cartridge.


Nisca C101 printer specifications

Card Printing Features

Color technology 300 dpi (300 dpi) 24bit continuous tone sublimation
Black and white technology High resolution thermal transfer
Printing Near-perfect edge-to-edge card color
Single-sided or double-sided Single-sided printing technology, for double-sided printing choose the Nisca C151 printer
Image quality Nisca 24-bit continuous tone process
Card thickness 0.76mm
YMCKO color ribbon capacity 250-print cartridges
Color print speed 144 cards / hour
LCD screen Rotatable to better integrate into the working environment
Loading the ribbon Consumable as an integrated cassette
Card feeder 100 removable cards with automatic weight
Card-to-card insertion Yes, slot at the bottom of the feeder
Design Nisca combines modernity and compactness
Printer connection USB 2.0 port with Windows 7, 8 and 10 Driver
Nisca warranty 2-year bring-in

Maintenance of a Nisca PR-C101 card printer

- # Turn on your printer.
- # Open the cover and remove the printing ribbon.
- # Remove any cards present in the card feeder.
- # Take a Nisca cleaning card provided in the official cleaning kit.
- # Remove the protective plastic film and place it in the charger.
- # In the Nisca printer driver, maintenance tab, click the printer cleaning button. Automatic cleaning starts.
- # Once the cleaning card is expelled, throw it away. Never reuse a cleaning card.
- # Reload your consumables in the C101 printer and print your cards.

To buy a NIsca printer

A3M is Distributor of the Nisca brand of card printers in Europe. To choose a printer and print your PVC cards and badges directly, contact us. We offer you the best price and have a permanent stock of both printers and consumables, ribbons and blank cards.

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