Nisca C201 retransfer 600dpi card printer

Nisca C201 retransfer 600dpi printer

Very high quality and 600dpi resolution card printer with retransfer technology

Id card printing with retransfer technology. The new Nisca PR-C201 is a high technology card printer. Instead of printing directly on the card, it prints the reversed image on a transparent film. Then it sticks the film on the card applying high temperature and pressure. It offers maximum quality to print your ID badges on any card, including those of medium quality. It prints edge to edge with a high gloss finish and a very high resistance of the printed card.

600 dpi resolution

For the users who demand the most from their ID card printer. The Nisca C201 is the only machine to print cards with such a high resolution, all other card printers till now use only 300dpi.

Nisca print quality

The image processing used is up to the Nisca international reputation: it offers both colorful images with delicate skins. Simply the best algorithm ever used in the card printing industry. It also boasts the famous Nisca 24 bits continuous tone technology that Nisca uses on all its range of printers.

RFID badge printing

The retransfer technology is ideal to always offer the optimum quality, even on bad quality or RFID cards with a poor lamination quality. The key in this process is that it sticks the printed film on the card that will cover any surface defect, instead of printing directly on the card like other competitors

Nisca printhead

This technology fully controlled by Nisca avoids any damage to the thermal printhead as it is never in contact with the card, so the possibility of a scratch or an impact is dramatically reduced. Nisca protects your investment in the long term, without any hidden costs. The Nisca C201 printhead benefits of a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

High speed with single or double sided printing

The C201 prints your IDs in full color one side at a rate of 160 cards per hour. It can print both sides automatically, offering a speed of 100 cards per hour. Its card hopper and stacker of 250 cards each and its ink ribbons of 500 prints offer a great autonomy.

USB and Ethernet

Connectivity options are extended with both USB and Ethernet as standard. This allows for the Nisca PR-C201 to be used as a local printer as well as a network printer shared between various users.

Nisca Warranty

Nisca offers an extended warranty of two years for the printer, and a lifetime warranty for the printhead. You can trust in your Nisca C201 printer to serve you during many years.

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