YMCFK ribbon with UV ink

Nisca UV ink ribbon

Nisca ribbon for printing secure badges with ultraviolet ink

The Nisca NGYMCFK ultraviolet ribbon is a color ribbon with the usual yellow, magenta, cyan and black panels for printing the badge. It also offers an ultraviolet ink panel for visual security of the ID card or identity document in card format which prevents its falsification. A ribbon compatible with the [new Nisca PR-C151 badge printer|New Nisca PR-C151 badge printer>art210].

Securing badges with Nisca ribbons

The use of the plastic badge as an official document requires the use of various levels of security and protection of the printed document. The hologram is the most used protection system, because it allows an immediate visual control (presence of the hologram, correspondence of this one with the original drawing). Nisca high-end printers allow badge printing with hologram.

Ultraviolet ink for ID cards printing

More and more organizations are demanding a second level of control, which can only be achieved under certain conditions and with specific equipment. This is the case with the use of ultraviolet inks (UV ink), for which the visual controls are carried out by means of special lamps known as "black light".

Ultraviolet Nisca Ribbon

Nisca printers allow the affixing of UV ink elements inserted into the main image printed on the card. The element can be text or, more often, a logo. The Nisca NGYMCFK ribbon includes a specific invisible UV ink panel for this purpose. The capacity of the Nisca UV ribbon is 250 cards for the PR5300, PR5310, PR5350, PR5360 and C151 printers. It is 410 cards for the [Nisca retransfert C201 printer|Nisca retransfert C201 printer>art160].

The secure ID card markets

The reinforced visual security card or badge is mainly intended for banking or government markets which require several levels of anti-counterfeiting security. In addition to securing the data encoded in the eventual chip (contact chip or contactless chip), these markets require measures visible to the naked eye against fraudulent copying. The bank card, credit card, but also all the acreditative documents of an identity, such as the identity card, driving license, residence card, work card, large family card, transportation card etc...

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