Black ribbon for card personalisation

Nisca C101 black ribbon

Black printing ribbon for Nisca C101 PVC card printer

The Nisca C101 printer allows the printing of cards in black intended mainly for the personalization of identification badges. As a card manufacturer, A3M manufactures your color pre-printed cards by offset technology so that they can then be personalized on a Nisca printer with the black resin ribbon.

Card personalization ribbon

The black thermal transfer resin ribbon is used when a PVC card must be personalized with variable data: texts for personal details, numbering, barcode 1 or 2D, QRCode. It is often used to print on the back of the cards the standard text indicating the conditions of use of the cards distributed to users as well as the address, telephone or email of the organization issuing the card.

High resolution printing with the Nisca C101 black ribbon

With its resolution of 300dpi, the Nisca black ribbon offers print results of excellent quality even for very small texts using fine and slender fonts. Its durability is important over time, its impression is very little affected by UV, its resistance to abrasion is notable and it is therefore not necessary to cover it with a layer of varnish or overlay. In addition, the price of printing with the black ribbon is very low, almost negligible.

Autonomy of the Nisca NGBKPRC ribbon

The capacity of black ribbon for the C101 card printer, reference NGBKPRC is at least 1000 cards. It can greatly exceed this value since the advanced technology of the C101 printer allows it to advance the ribbon only the length actually useful for each print. A number of just a few digits or a short name will therefore consume less, increasing the quantity of cards printable with a single ribbon to 1500 or 2000 plastic cards.

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