Team Nisca

NiSCA ID card printers have been serving the high-end ID card market since 1994. Using our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facilities, NiSCA produces the most reliable, solid, and most environmentally friendly printers on the market today. NiSCA ID card printers meet the advanced Japanese and European non-lead (ROHS - Restrictions of the use of Hazardous Substances) production requirements today.

Nisca PR-C101

Nisca C101 high quality printer for single sided PVC badges

Simple and affordable, Nisca C101 printer offers unprecedented print quality. The Nisca driver allows you to print with a multitude of settings: contrast, brightness, separation of CMYK channels, gamma adjustment ... True photo quality in 24-bit linear sublimation for printing your PVC cards in high definition. Take advantage of the reduced price of the C101: entry to the range of Nisca printers offers the best sublimation printing solution on PVC cards.

Impresora Nisca C151

Nisca C151 printer for security ID cards with ultraviolet printing and holograms

The Nisca PR-C151 card printer allows access to the print quality, resistance and security of plastic cards which are the prerogative of the range of plastic card printers from the preferred manufacturer of professional identification: Nisca. The Nisca PR-C151 printer replaces the PR5350, PR5360 and PR5310 printers, and allows you to print ultraviolet security inks as well as to affix a security hologram on the badge thanks to its optional laminator PR-L151.

Nisca C201 retransfer 600dpi card printer

Very high quality and 600dpi resolution card printer with retransfer technology

Id card printing with retransfer technology. The new Nisca PR-C201 is a high technology retransfer card printer. Instead of printing directly on the card, it prints the reversed image on a transparent film. Then it sticks the film on the card applying high temperature and pressure. It offers maximum quality to print your ID badges on any card, including those of medium quality. It prints edge to edge with a high gloss finish and a very high resistance of the printed card.

Swiftcolor SCC4000D large format card printer

The Nisca Swiftcolor SCC-4000D is a large format event badge printer

The Swiftcolor SCC4000D is the versatile Nisca printer: standard badge printing, but especially large format badge, in matte or glossy finish, or even for printing on cardboard dedicated to short-term events... It is ideal for the event sector where it allows the production of the event badge which very often complements the event bracelet. The training, education or companies receiving a lot of visitors will be just as interested in its quality, speed and low cost.

YMCKO color ribbon for Nisca C101 printer

Nisca ribbon for printing PVC badges in color on C101 printer

The Nisca YMCKO ribbon for the C101 printer prints your cards with exceptional print quality. Bright edge-to-edge badge backgrounds, real and vivid colors, clear and precise texts: a linear thermal sublimation ribbon with a very precise formulation which will guarantee you photo-quality prints on plastic cards. Nisca Reference PR50025UC.

Black ribbon for card personalisation

Black printing ribbon for Nisca C101 PVC card printer

The Nisca C101 printer allows the printing of cards in black intended mainly for the personalization of identification badges. As a card manufacturer, A3M manufactures your color pre-printed cards by offset technology so that they can then be personalized on a Nisca printer with the black resin ribbon.

YMCKO 250 cards ribbon

Nisca YMCKO3 color ribbon for Nisca card printers

Nisca YMCKO3 is the original ribbon for printing full color cards with traditional Nisca PR5300, Nisca PR5310, Nisca PR5360LE and Nisca PR5350 printers. It remains the print ribbon to be used in the new PR-C151 card printer with the highest quality card printing available today.

YMCFK ribbon with UV ink

Nisca ribbon for printing secure badges with ultraviolet ink

The Nisca NGYMCFK ultraviolet ribbon is a color ribbon with the usual yellow, magenta, cyan and black panels for printing the badge. It also offers an ultraviolet ink panel for visual security of the ID card or identity document in card format which prevents its falsification. A ribbon compatible with the [new Nisca PR-C151 badge printer|New Nisca PR-C151 badge printer>art210].

Nisca laminating ribbon with hologram

Nisca ID card lamination ribbon with security hologram

The Nisca printer, in addition to extremely high quality printing, allows transparent lamination of the identification card. The optional laminator of the Nisca C151 printer and C201 printer applies additional plastic protection to the card which gives it superior durability. In order to further secure the identification card and in addition to ultraviolet ink, the protective thick overlay may include a personalized security hologram.

Discontinued products

Nisca PR5310

Nisca PR5310 identity card printer. Unique quality and exceptional specifications for fully secure badges

Evolution of the PR5300 model, the Nisca PR5310 card printer with card laminating station with holograms and UV inks allows access to the print quality, resistance and security of cards which are the prerogative of Nisca plastic card printers. A fast printer, which prints color front-to-back edge to edge with unrivaled graphic quality. Nisca reliability in addition, and great ease thanks to its LCD screen for immediate access to configuration.

Nisca PR5350

The Nisca PR5350 badge printer prints, personalizes and laminates your badges in high-quality photo quality. It also allows them to be laminated with a security hologram.

The Nisca PR5350 badge printer prints, personalizes and laminates your badges in high-speed photo quality. It also allows their lamination with the deposit of a security hologram. The most powerful model in the Nisca range, with higher print quality than other card printers, for the highest level of card robustness and security. The PR5350 printer has recently evolved with new features and has become the Nisca C151.