Nisca PR5350

PR5350 secured cards printer

Nisca PR5350 is a double sided ID card printer for personalised security documents

The Nisca PR5350 badge printer prints, personalizes and laminates your badges in high-speed photo quality. It also allows their lamination with the deposit of a security hologram. The most powerful model in the Nisca range, with higher print quality than other card printers, for the highest level of card robustness and security. The PR5350 printer has recently evolved with new features and has become the Nisca C151.

High speed and print quality for the PR5350

The Nisca PR5350 card printer offers a high printing speed (135 cards per hour), in very high quality color printing (single-sided or double-sided) thanks to Nisca technology from 24-bit linear sublimation. An unprecedented result for badges printed in industrial quantities.

Nisca laminating station for more durable badges

The PR5350’s optional laminator is ideal for the application of holograms and / or hard protective overlay 1 mil (25 microns) thick, which gives the printed ID document a service life of up to 10 years, even in the event of intensive daily use (company badges, access control cards...).

High security options for printed PVC cards

The Nisca printing systems allows to add a second laminator in the card manufacturing process. The dual laminator configuration offers the possibility to apply an aditional transparent protective overlay in the form of a 25 micron patch over the security hologram ( standard or custom design ). Another interesting option to get a second level of security on the card is UV ink printing with Nisca YMCFK UV ribbon. Finally, the PR5350 has optional magnetic encoders enabling the coding of MIFARE ® proximity cards Class A or B, in accordance with ISO 14443.


Nisca PR5350 badge printer specifications

- High printing speed (135 badges / hour).
- Very high quality printing in color: Nisca 24-bit linear sublimation technology, offers results never equaled.
- Industrial reliability.
- Printing of badges on both sides.
- LCD screen for convenience.
- One or two laminators can be coupled to it for affixing a hologram and protective overlays of 1 mil (25 microns), enabling the badge to last more than 5 years in daily use.
- Ultraviolet printing on the card (with UV YMCFK ribbon) for badge control with special "black light" lamp.
- The PR5300 printer also exists with integrated encoders: magnetic encoder or contactless badge encoder (MIFARE ® badges type A or B, ISO standard 14443).
- When used with its PR5302 lamination module, the PR5350 becomes a true industrial printing, personalization and lamination system for identification badges.

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