Nisca card lamination with hologram

Nisca laminating ribbon with hologram

The Nisca printer, in addition to extremely high quality printing, allows transparent lamination of the identification card. The optional laminator of the Nisca C151 printer and C201 printer applies additional plastic protection to the card which gives it superior durability. In order to further secure the identification card and in addition to ultraviolet ink, the protective thick overlay may include a personalized security hologram.

Magicard HoloKote system

Magicard HoloKote

Magicard card printers are equipped with patented HoloKote® watermark technology that prints a hologram-like mark on the card during its printing process, at no additional consumables cost. The Magicard Pronto, Enduro and Rio Pro printers take advantage of this PVC card printing technology. They print a standard design or a custom image using the overlay panel of the ink ribbon during printing, providing protection against counterfeiting to your cards.

Team Nisca PR5350

Nisca PR5350

The Nisca PR5350 badge printer prints, personalizes and laminates your badges in high-speed photo quality. It also allows their lamination with the deposit of a security hologram. The most powerful model in the Nisca range, with higher print quality than other card printers, for the highest level of card robustness and security. The PR5350 printer has recently evolved with new features and has become the Nisca C151.


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