YMCKO color ribbon for Nisca C101 printer

Nisca C101 color ribbon

Nisca ribbon for printing PVC badges in color on C101 printer

The Nisca YMCKO ribbon for the C101 printer prints your cards with exceptional print quality. Bright edge-to-edge badge backgrounds, real and vivid colors, clear and precise texts: a linear thermal sublimation ribbon with a very precise formulation which will guarantee you photo-quality prints on plastic cards. Nisca Reference PR50025UC.

Nisca linear dye sublimation printing

Nisca printers use a particularly advanced printing technology: 24-bit linear continuous dye sublimation in continuous tones. The color palette is increased, the details stand out, the colors are just beautiful. The Nisca color ribbon highlights qualities of the PR-C101 printer. The capacity of the YMCKO Nisca ribbon reference PR50025UC is 250 badges printed in color on one side.

Print settings in the Nisca driver

Nisca is a manufacturer specializing in the ID card printing markets for national and international governments institutions, and therefore particularly focused on printing reliability and quality. No other card printer offers the same gradations, the same exact colors. The Windows driver of the Nisca printer offers multiple parameters allowing demanding users to refine their prints.

How to buy Nisca printing ribbons

If you have a Nisca card printer and you are looking to buy black print ribbons or color to print your PVC cards, contact one of our sales advisers. As a European Nisca Distributor, A3M advises you to choose the ribbon that best suits your printing needs, at the most economical price. And your advisor will be able to direct you to our nearest reseller to ensure local and quality service for the sale of Nisca card and ribbon printers.

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