Evolis Tattoo2 Rewrite

Tattoo Rewrite manual feeding

Monochrome printer for ID cards

Picture this: cards that can be printed, erased and printed again,
hundreds of times.
Some say that’s magic…
Yet, the Tattoo rewrite, a compact and user-friendly solution, lets you print and erase the same card up to 500 times!

Tattoo Rewrite

With its 300 dpi standard resolution and large print area, the Tattoo Rewrite allows you to print best in class logos and pictures on top of text and barcodes. Depending on your application, whichever you want to show becomes clearly visible.
- The printer accepts cards from 0.25 to 0.76 mm (10 to 30 mil) without any adjustment.
- A wide range of encoding features: Magnetic ISO / JIS2 and contactless smart card coupler can be combined to issue
sophisticated cards.
- The absence of ribbon, the reusability of the cards (up to 500 times) and its price positioning makes the Tattoo Rewrite the most cost effective and environmentally friendly printer in its category!
- Print Mode: Monochrome direct thermal – Erasable Rewritable - Blue printing on 0.76mm cards with Mitsubishi coating, Black printing on 0.25mm cards with Ricoh coating.

Market applications
- Visitor management
- Customer loyalty
- Healthcare
- Public transportation
- Clubs, societies
- Universities, Schools
- Catering

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