Evolis Tattoo2 Rewrite

Tattoo Rewrite manual feeding

Monochrome printer to personalize rewritable cards

Small revolution with the Evolis Tattoo Rewrite printer: now it is possible to reprint the same ID card up to 500 times! Deleting and re-printing the same PVC card allows it to be assigned to the next customer or visitor, with the corresponding ease, savings and environmental protection. The rewrite card is the ideal identification badge for all applications where the duration of use of a card is very short (visitor management, customer loyalty, transport tickets).

Rewritable thermochromic PVC cards

Evolis Tattoo Rewrite is designed to print on rewritable cards. These cards contain thermochromic material which becomes visible or disappears depending on the temperature applied to it. The same card can thus be erased and reprinted up to 500 times.

300 dpi resolution for quality printing

The 300 dpi resolution of the Tattoo Rewrite printer and its large printing surface (48x80mm) allow this card printer to integrate graphic elements, images, texts and bar codes, and offers users great freedom in designing badges.

Speed ​​and flexibility for Tattoo Rewrite

The speed of the erasing and printing cycles (around 8 seconds) of this Evolis plastic card printer makes it possible to instantly generate or modify loyalty cards or visitor badges, and this directly from a point of sale or reception from a company.

An Evolis solution without ribbon and economical

The print head of the Tattoo Rewrite adjusts its position and the temperature of the thousands of pixels that compose it so that you can print the chosen design on the rewritable card. Lack of Ribbon and reuse of rewrite PVC Cards up to 500 times makes Tattoo Rewrite a truly economical and environmentally friendly printing solution.


Evolis Tattoo Rewrite Printer Specifications

- The Tattoo Rewrite is available in three versions: Basic, Mag (with magnetic encoder) and Contactless (with contactless card encoder).
- Its compact design makes it easy to integrate into any type of environment: office, reception or store counter, etc.
- Evolis offers two types of rewritable cards: PVC cards (0.76mm) printable in blue as well as PET cards (0.25mm) printable in black.
- The Tattoo Rewrite comes standard with Windows 7, 8 and 10 print drivers.

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