Customer loyalty management


Magicard Pronto printer
Pronto card printer

The Magicard Pronto card printer is the ideal solution if you want to print your own cards and badges at the lowest cost. Color or monochrome printing in seconds, with high quality backgrounds and personalization of texts and photos, the Pronto can also erase and print rewritable cards (ReWrite card technology). Magicard Pronto is the ideal printer for clubs, associations, site access cards, visitor management.

LGM4200 MIFARE® badge reader
LGM4200 USB MIFARE badge reader with display

MIFARE ® card reader with LCD display. LGM4200 is a USB RFID reader encoder. It is recommended for RFID applications where more user-friendliness and dialogue with the user is desired. It also knows how to manage the maximum security of the MIFARE ID badge thanks to its 4 SAM ports.

Evolis Tattoo Rewrite printer
Evolis Tattoo2 Rewrite

Small revolution with the Evolis Tattoo Rewrite printer: now it is possible to reprint the same ID card up to 500 times! Deleting and re-printing the same PVC card allows it to be assigned to the next customer or visitor, with the corresponding ease, savings and environmental protection. The rewrite card is the ideal identification badge for all applications where the duration of use of a card is very short (visitor management, customer loyalty, transport tickets).

3 mini cards used as keyholders
Keyholder cards

The A3M breakable card is a PVC customer card in standard format CR80 with a thickness of 0,76mm. It is detachable pre-cut into three parts of equal dimensions for obtaining identical mini-cards. Thanks to its small size and its attachment to the key ring, this small card has become an inescapable classic of customer loyalty.

MiniMag magnetic badge reader
Magnetic stripe card reader MiniMag

MiniMag is a bidirectional plastic card reader with high capacity for reading magnetic stripes. A manual reader which allows you to read any magnetic card that complies with the ISO7811 standard format, in high coercivity or low coercivity (high or low energy). The MiniMag reader is ideal for banking applications, for access control badges or customer loyalty systems with ISO magnetic cards.

Rewritable ID card
Rewritable cards

The A3M rewritable badge has been specially designed to be reused. The same rewritable PVC card can thus be erased and then printed again up to 500 times thanks to products such as the Magicard Pronto card printer or the Evolis Tattoo Rewrite printer. For cost savings and an ecological approach.

LGM6xxx MIFARE Ⓡ reader
Desktop reader-writer for MIFARE

The MIFARE USB badge reader A3M LGM6600 is characterized by its speed and reliability of reading RFID badges as well as by its excellent quality / price ratio. It responds to the MIFARE standard to read and write the MIFARE Ultralight badge ®, the NFC badge, MIFARE ®, MIFARE DESFire ® or Icode in 13.56Mhz.