Desktop reader-writer for MIFARE

LGM6xxx MIFARE Ⓡ reader

LGM6xxx: 13.56MHz MIFARE Ⓡ contactless cards reader and writer

The MIFARE USB badge reader A3M LGM6600 is characterized by its speed and reliability of reading RFID badges as well as by its excellent quality / price ratio. It responds to the MIFARE standard to read and write the MIFARE Ultralight badge Ⓡ, the NFC badge, MIFARE Ⓡ, MIFARE DESFire Ⓡ or Icode in 13.56Mhz.

USB encoder reader for MIFARE ® badge

A3M LGM6xxx is a desktop type encoder reader capable of reading and writing a MIFARE ® card supporting ISO15693, ISO14443A and ISO14443B standards. Its electronics are based on a high-performance architecture with 8-bit microprocessor, so that it offers significant capacities for an attractive price.

LGM6600: a MIFARE ® USB or RS232 badge reader

Particularly easy to use for reading and writing cards thanks to its USB connection (optional RS232). The MIFARE card reader can be placed on metal surfaces.

Card reader configuration

The MIFARE ® LGM6xxx badge reader is available in the following reading configurations. LGM6100 for ISO15693, ISO14443A and ISO14443B; LGM6600 for ISO14443A MIFARE ®.

Integration in access control systems

A complete and documented SDK is available to facilitate the development of specific applications and the integration of the reading of MIFARE ® badges in different systems.

Highlights of the RFID badge reader

The LGM6600 USB drive is compact and offers a nice design. Among other things, it enables a mode called "automatic response": as soon as an RFID badge enters its communication field, it reads the badge chip and sends its UID serial number to the computer or PLC to which it is connected. Attractive selling price.

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