Capacity control turnstile

Capacity control turnstile

The turnstile that limits maximum occupancy in your controlled area

Health crises and safety regulations impose measures to limit the number of visitors to multiple sectors of activity. A3M has developed a new management system that automatically blocks access when the instant maximum occupancy is reached. The tripod turnstile with PassCount3 option monitors entries and exits and controls your area’s capacity in a totally autonomous way, turnstile by turnstile or in a network to sum up all your accesses.

How to control the occupancy of my business?

PassCount3 is a simple and inexpensive system that counts entries and exits of an area controlled by a turnstile. No need for ID card identification, no biometric fingerprint system; it is the simple rotation of the turnstile that triggers the counting of people accessing. Once the maximum capacity allowed in the venue has been configured, PassCount3 will prohibit access at the turnstile as soon as the authorized number of people in has been reached.

How the capacity limit works

The counting system is integrated into our TTS1 turnstile. Install the turnstile at the entrance of your establishment, fix it to the ground and power it up. The electronic management board is located inside the body of the tripod. Use the key to open it and use the 3 push buttons to navigate through the menu and define the maximum authorized assistance. At any time you can see the number of entries, the number of exits and the instant occupancy. As soon as the occupancy limit value you have set is reached, the turnstile will lock and will not allow entry again until someone exits the area. The simplest system.

Combine the count of entry and exit

Do you need an entrance and exit counting turnstile? No problem: it is as simple as connecting the PassCount3 electronic board from the entrance access turnstile to the exit turnstile using an electric cable that will drive it. Ask us for advice if necessary. We can also fully install your attendance counting system, call us to study your project.

Visual alert of capacity reached

PassCount3 can send a signal to an external system when the maximum capacity is reached. It can be an audible signal or the illumination of an alert LED that indicates the situation of your premises.

Remote occupancy control

As an option, we offer the possibility of connecting the PassCount3 electronics to the PassCount3 software that can be installed on a PC with Windows® operating system. The advantages of this capacity management solution are multiple:
- The maximum number or persons inside is established in the software, without manipulation of the turnstile.
- Attendance is displayed on the screen in real time.
- A prior notice of capacity can be configured and displayed to allow taking the first measurements when the maximum assistance is almost reached.
- In case of multiple entrances and exits with several turnstiles, corridors or access doors, the software synthesizes the global information and can block the entrance at all accesses.

Which sectors can benefit from the attendance limitation by PassCount3

Automated attendance control is useful in multiple environments.
- In events to control capacity during concerts, festivals, sports or cultural events, museums.
- In congress rooms, theaters, trade fairs.
- In times of a pandemic such as the Covid-19 coronavirus, other sectors, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, shops and businesses of all sizes, waiting rooms for doctors, clinics and hospitals, for example, must control the number of people present at all times.

Occupancy control is possible with various obstacles

The simplest set at the lowest price is the TTS1 tripod turnstile with the PassCount3 option. It is also the best-seller in this type of product. But the other tripods in the A3M range are also available with a count and capacity limitation option: TTS11, TTS2A3, TTS2GT. Our TTSPM and TTSPMVIP automatic doors can also be equipped with the PassCount3 attendance limiting device. A high-end option for the most modern and well-kept environments would be our new TTSCPR3 automatic speed gate: it combines the guarantee of unique passage, the possibility of a disabled persons access and access counting. When the control needs to be more aggressive without the possibility of unauthorized access, consider the TTSFHD or TTSFHK full-height turnstiles.

Installation of temporary or mobile capacity control

When the count must be implemented temporarily, without carrying out works, don’t forget our TTS1PLAT turnstile. This turnstile solution on a mobile platform controls the number of people present at your event, your venue or your establishment. It is available for purchase as well as for short-term rental.

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