Standalone access control with RFID card

Standalone access control by badge

id3m is an intelligent standalone access control system by RFID badge

You need an economical system to control the access to your business, club, gym, association, business fair? The id3m RFID badge access system is intelligent, autonomous, simple and quick to implement. It is also scalable if in the future you wish to complement it with an access control management or time attendance software. It is also a popular access system for construction sites access as a low-cost solution that can be installed immediately on a full-height turnstile.

Standalone access control system

id3m is a standalone access control system which controls your access in the simplest possible way: the user presents his badge to the id3m RFID reader and if he is authorized, the integrated control unit opens the door or the access turnstile. There is no need for a computer, management software, complex and expensive cabling.

Access system operation

The Master card supplied with the system allows a complete configuration of the access control. Passing this badge on the RFID reader allows you to enter into configuration mode. Presenting a new badge authorizes it to access; presenting an authorized badge prohibits its access.

Advanced intelligence of the RFID identification

Different configuration cards allow the system administrator to change fundamental characteristics such as the antipassback function (prohibits two successive entries or exits), antipassback with free exit (prohibits two entries but authorizes two successive exits). The Emergency card triggers the door or the turnstile in emergency mode (also useful to let groups of people through a turnstile).

Access by turnstile

The id3m RFID card reader is available in various form factors to better adapt to the obstacle to be controlled. The NL version has been developed to integrate harmoniously into the windows of the TTS1 and TTS01 tripod turnstiles’ top cover while offering a maximum RFID reading distance. An assembly very appreciated in companies and in sports clubs.

A very simple access control solution

The assembly of the id3m autonomous access system has been simplified as much as possible. The entry and exit readers connect via USB to the electronic control unit placed nearby (technical box, false ceiling, body of the turnstile, etc.). The electronics include the relay outputs allowing the opening of the door, the gate, the turnstile.

Building-site access

The L protective housing version of the id3m RFID reader is ideal for access to construction sites. Reinforced PETG protective case, IP68 protection index allowing operation in the worst conditions, specific rear support for full height construction turnstile. An affordable access system that is very efficient with a much simplified implementation.

Scalable access control

id3m is also a scalable acces management system that will evolve with the needs of each installation. Even during autonomous operation, all the events registered on the readers are kept in memory. The acquisition of the CardPass3 access management software then makes it possible to connect to the electronics via Ethernet network and download all events, calculate the time attendance and take advantage of all the advanced features of a market leading system.

Mobile access control

You will find our autonomous access control system in the new CardPass3 mobile access control briefcase. An intelligent access system that allows the access control elements to be transported directly to the site of implementation. Ideal for temporary access control for events or building site access for example.

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