Contactless terminals

Autonomous A3M terminals. For access control and time control deployments whose logic does not depend on a server and its availability, but on the own memory of each programmed terminal. Large choice of features, at high frequency 13.56 Mhz MIFARE ®, MIFARE Ultralight V, MIFARE DESFire ®.

Standalone access control with RFID card

id3m is an intelligent standalone access control system by RFID badge

You need an economical system to control the access to your business, club, gym, association, business fair? The id3m RFID badge access system is intelligent, autonomous, simple and quick to implement. It is also scalable if in the future you wish to complement it with an access control management or time attendance software. It is also a popular access system for construction sites access as a low-cost solution that can be installed immediately on a full-height turnstile.

Mobile access control: CardPass3 briefcase

The CardPass3 briefcase is A3M’s solution for a mobile access control system

A3M mobile access control: a new standalone access control and time attendance system. The CardPass3 briefcase concentrates the elements necessary for access control in an exclusive, modern and mobile compact solution. An access control with RFID id3m badge readers associated with their autonomous control electronics included in the CardPass3 briefcase with possibility of Ethernet or 4G connection. An obvious choice for access control and time attendance in events, in construction site access, in a university, conference or training center.