Control in sensitive areas

Keys control with keys cabinet

Key management allows you to control the sensitive areas of your organisation

Controlling your keys means controlling the accesses to your premises for a price much lower than setting up a real access control system using RFID cards. The KMS (Keys Management System) cabinet is a permanent control tool for sensitive or remote areas: not only do you decide who can open and when, but you also have a real-time tracking of the activity of keys to find out who has accessed the different sensitive areas of your company or organization.

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Active key control

An Alkey cabinet makes it possible to limit the use of keys in space: users can only use keys from authorized places. It ensures perfect traceability of all key movements and gives each user information according to their rights through the touch screen, thus avoiding the labeling of keyrings.

Monitoring keys with a key cabinet

The cabinet generates alarms which can be transmitted by email or SMS for real-time control. It adapts the access system to the key cabinet to the desired security level (code, badge, biometrics, etc.) and authorizes the coupling of the Alkey key system with a video surveillance solution.

Access to remote sensitive areas

Some large sites include remote areas where the installation of a real access control system involves very significant costs in terms of cabling, electrical, ethernet or 4G communication. However, these areas are sometimes considered as sensitive areas and the access itself as well as the history of access must be strictly controlled. The key cabinet performs this function for a much lower installation and operating cost since it suffices to install a security lock and place the corresponding key in the cabinet. Access to your sensitive areas is effectively controlled.

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